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Council tree planting and pruning

Council manages the planting, protection, maintenance, and removals of trees on public land. We manage approximately 250,000 trees on public land throughout Casey.

Public land within City of Casey includes:

  • Roads, streets, nature strips and laneways
  • Parks, gardens, and reserves
  • Council land and infrastructure
  • Foreshores, coasts, and bays

Our trees are cared for by a team of professional arborists and urban foresters who are qualified to assess and maintain a healthy tree canopy.

Council tree planting

We plant trees on public land where older trees have died or fallen during storms to enhance the streetscape and open space areas in City of Casey. We plant each year from autumn to late spring, the cooler weather allows new trees to establish themselves before the hot summer.

City of Casey has produced a list of recommended trees for planting in streets and parks to maintain a high level of consistency in tree quality. These trees have been selected for their ability to positively contribute to the liveability of our municipality and are a mix of exotic and native trees suited to a range of environments throughout the area.

As part of our planting program we:

  • carefully select the right type of tree for a location,
  • plant the same type of tree along streets, and
  • consult, involve and/or notify the community on tree initiatives.

You must get permission from Council before planting trees and shrubs on nature strips, road median strips, in public parks or reserves. Trees and shrubs planted without authority will be removed by Council. There is no compensation available to you for the removal of shrubs or trees planted without Council permission.

You can ask Council to plant a tree or shrub on public land

Request a tree planting

Council tree pruning

Our arborists prune our trees to manage risk and maintain tree health and longevity. Trees are pruned to lift canopy height above footpaths, maintain lines of sight for vehicles, and provide clearance from infrastructure and power lines.

Our team monitors tree conditions across the City of Casey and prune them only when needed. All routine tree assessment and pruning is conducted in accordance with industry best practice and takes place, on average:

  • every 3 years for street trees,
  • every year for trees around and close to overhead powerlines.

Trees are pruned if they obstruct:

  • powerlines 
  • footpath and roads
  • street lighting
  • vehicle access to public areas
  • traffic signage and road visibility.

When we do not prune trees 

We do not prune public trees:

  • to reduce leaf, seed, flower, fruit, or twig debris
  • to reduce size
  • to reduce birds nesting or feeding in the tree 
  • to preserve or create views for properties
  • for solar access or to reduce shade cast
  • for property development.

If you feel a Council managed tree requires pruning, we can assist you with this by assessing the tree and pruning as required. 

Request a Council tree service

You are not permitted to prune Council managed trees. This is to:

  • prevent injury to yourself
  • prevent damage to property and the tree
  • ensure trees remain structurally sound, and
  • retain the look of a tree.

You will be prosecuted for pruning trees and shrubs without authority and be required to pay for any damage or loss of Council managed trees.