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A place to prosper

Objective 2: A place to prosper

The City of Casey aims to be a place in which our residents and visitors can thrive, with a local economy that fosters innovation and supports local jobs. Casey aspires to be a leading local authority, that leverages the strength of the region in advocacy, regional planning and investment.
We want to enhance our natural environment and provide access to cultural experiences and events that celebrate the diversity of our community and foster connection and wellbeing.

Our 2021 Community Outcomes

Strategies Strategic indicators
The destination for arts, culture, sport and leisure that attracts visitors and brings communities together
  • Attraction of sporting events of regional, state and national significance
  • Attraction of events of regional, state, national and international significance held in Casey
  • The facilities and programs which we provide deliver opportunities for community participation in arts, cultural events, sport and leisure
A thriving economy with local jobs, investment and new industries
  • Increase in the number of participants involved in business development programs
  • Satisfaction of participants of the business development programs
  • Attraction of international investors to drive new and existing industries
  • Increase in the number of local jobs
  • Increase in the number of businesses in Casey
  • Increase in membership on Casey Cardinia Jobs Portal
  • Number of programs delivered that are designed to educate and promote access and inclusion in employment
A city that sustainably plans and manages growth while protecting its diverse landscape
  • Use of the Employment Land Capacity statement to inform planning decisions
  • An increase in the diversity, health and resilience in Casey's urban forest
  • Residents have access to high quality nature reserves
  • Level of local community participation in biodiversity and sustainability services and programs

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