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Technology and innovation

Objective 1 - A leader in applying technology and innovation

“I would like to see sport centres with the latest IT innovations.”

Female, 39-48, Casey Next.

“I would like Casey to be a safe and productive where technology is common rather than a struggle.”

Female, 39-48, Casey Next.

Council will leverage off the technology available in Casey, take opportunities to be innovative in their service delivery and operations, and empower community members to utilise technology.

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Our 2021 Community Outcomes

Strategies Strategic indicators
1.1 We use data to inform a Smart City that enables a stronger economy, cleaner environment and healthy community
  • Open data and improved analytics
  • Greater application of sensor technology
1.2 We implement Enterprise Architecture that ensures that the City of Casey can deliver services that meets the changing needs of our community
  • Increase in Council transactions available through digital channels
  • The technology that is delivered supports our staff to deliver services
1.3 We foster a workplace culture of innovation and embrace change
  • Staff are able to generate and deliver ideas to improve services

Our 2018-2019 actions

Actions Due date
1.1.3 Introduce seven Smart City demonstration sites across the municipality to trial and test new technologies and innovations 31 Mar 2019
1.1.4 Host a hack event that provides the community with the opportunity to use open data to create innovative solutions to everyday problems 30 Sep 2018
1.2.3 Implement first three major Enterprise Architecture foundation systems that:
  1. integrate our digital services,
  2. automate processes, and
  3. provide a personalised digital experience
30 Jun 2019
1.3.2 Establish a process for capturing and implementing innovative ideas from staff 31 Dec 2018

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