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Council Plan background

Creating the plan

In 2016, City of Casey conducted its biggest ever community engagement project, Casey Next.

Council wanted to gain a deeper insight into what the community needs and expects from Council, and is committed to ensuring that these insights will inform the priority areas to focus on over the next four years. Over a seven week period, participants contributed to the conversation either online, at local pop-up events, workshops, children’s activities and other engagement events. Council is excited to launch a Plan that re ects so many diverse views.

The Council Plan 2017-21 outlines Strategic Objectives that Council will work to achieve across many areas including the environment, infrastructure, the local economy, services, and community wellbeing. Each year, Council prepares an Annual Action Plan and progress on this plan is reported to the community every quarter. Following on from the success of the Council Plan 2013-2017 and continuing the sentiments outlined in the Casey C21 Long-Term Vision originally set in 2002, Council is working towards making the City of Casey Australia’s most liveable city. 

How we got to the council plan

What would your recommendations be if you were given the opportunity to work with your Council to learn about and deliberate the future of your city?

In early 2017 City of Casey embarked on a journey with their community to collaborate on a big challenge facing council; a long-term funding challenge between what Council believes it should be delivering to fulfill the community’s Vision and what it can afford to deliver. Looking forward 10 years, Casey has predicted there could be a long-term cumulative funding shortfall for achieving the Vision of up to $170 million.

A common challenge for engagement is the lack of time and resources to communicate and share understanding between, and within, councils and communities. Standard engagement programs can struggle to reach a broad section of the community, and to allow time for community members to learn from each other as well as from Council officers. Due to the significant scale of the remit, both Councillors and Council officers wanted to conduct engagement that overcame these challenges, and worked collaboratively on a solution.
One of the best forms of collaborative process is deliberative engagement. Deliberative engagement involves creating a sample of the community, that represents its diversity, and working together on recommendations to address the remit.

This group of people were called Casey People’s Panel.

A vision for the future

Casey C21 – Creating A Great City

A city where everyone can work locally, travel conveniently, and access all the services they need.

A city with state-of-the-art facilities for the arts, education, sports and leisure.

A city where everyone belongs to a vibrant, safe and connected community, based on mutual respect and understanding.

A city where the built and natural environments are complementary, clean and enjoyable.

Theme 1 - Connecting and supporting people


Provide and facilitate a choice of facilities and services that reflect the diversity of Casey


Work with agencies
and the community to ensure people can go about their lives without fear or risk of harm.


Foster and uphold
a multicultural, supportive, interactive and compassionate community.

a healthy place logo

an inclusive place logoa safe place logo

Theme 2 - Improving transport


Provide and advocate for adequate road, rail and paths so all community members can travel easily and in a timely and comfortable manner.


Ensure that people can access jobs, services and facilities by public transport, cycling, walking and by private vehicle.


Consider all people, regardless of age, ability and income, in the provision
of transport infrastructure.

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Theme 3 - Protecting our environment


Protect, conserve and enhance Casey’s biodiversity, recognising its fundamental importance in achieving a healthy environment and way of life for current and future generations.


Keep all open spaces, urban and natural environments, green and clean.


Act at a local level to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to make Casey a sustainable city.

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Theme 4 - Attracting business and local jobs


Facilitate the creation of knowledge based jobs in Casey.


Develop a culture which recognises the importance of learning and education as the key to future prosperity, and support equal opportunity for everyone.


Support entrepreneurship by creating an environment with sufficient resources and opportunities for individuals and businesses with ideas.

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Theme 5 - Creating a sense of place


Ensure all suburbs are proactively planned, including the physical infrastructure, the supporting services and community activities.


Create a distinct image and identity for Casey and for Casey’s diverse range of communities and places.


Build and program a diverse range of spaces for arts, culture, tourism, sports and leisure.

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CEO message

CEO Glenn Patterson

The Council Plan 2017-21 is an ambitious plan that will ensure a bright future for the City of Casey.

Through Casey Next, Council’s biggest ever community engagement program, residents, businesses and visitors told us what their vision and priorities are for the future of Casey.

In fact, it is estimated that 480,000 people were reached and more than 3,600 people provided valuable feedback to ensure Council is better informed about the community’s priorities, their expectations of Council and what their idea for Casey’s future are.

In addition to the feedback provided by the community, our 11 Councillors shared their vision and agreed on the priorities that will help shape the future of the City of Casey. Our strategic objectives will be reported on every quarter to ensure the community will be kept up to date with the progress they have helped shape.

The plan is the result of a partnership between Council and the community. It would not be as robust, meaningful and effective without community input, and would not be as visionary and ambitious with the passion, foresight and dedication of Councillors.

This Plan guides the work of Council over the next four years and we are ready to get started.

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