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Accessible and well connected

Objective 7 - A city with an accessible and well connected transport network

“I would love to see all major roads have a designated bike path so that both workers and families could use cycling as a preferred option for transport as well as building health outcomes.”

Female, 49-58, Casey Next.

“Poor roads are slowing down housing and infrastrucutre”

Female, 39-48, Casey Next.

Council will plan, maintain, deliver within its capacity, and advocate when necessary for a transport system that supports the Casey community. The transport system should provide the Casey community with safe, accessible and efficient transport choices.

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Our 2021 Community Outcomes

Strategies Strategic indicators
7.1 We have effectively secured State/Federal Government funding for the provision of a transport system that meets Casey’s needs
  • The level of State / Federal commitments toward transport infrastructure and services that aligns with Council’s advocacy on transport improvements
7.2 We support walking, cycling and public transport modes as a means of reducing emissions and congestion
  • Residential estates have access to a shared path and trail network that to the broader Casey area
7.3 We have delivered a safe, accessible, and effcient local road network
  • Casualty Accident Rates for Casey Local Roads compared to Melbourne Metropolitan area and similar Interface Council areas

Our 2018-2019 actions

Actions Due date
7.1.2 Secure improved transport infrastructure and services for the Casey region by implementing Council’s 2018/19 “Commit to Casey” Advocacy Campaign 30 May 2019
7.2.2 Prepare a shared path network delivery plan to increase walking and cycling access to public transport 30 Jun 2019
7.2.3 Deliver actions that improve residents’ access to amenities and basic services within a 20 minute walk, cycle, or public transport trip, by implementing the Casey Integrated Transport Strategy 30 Jun 2019
7.2.4 Improve local road safety by identifying road grant funding opportunities under the Federal Local Black Spot Program and submitting associated applications 30 Jun 2019
7.3.2 Identify and apply for funding support and partnerships that encourage active transport 30 Jun 2019

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