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Council Meeting Schedule and Upcoming Council Business

Coronavirus restrictions update

Council meetings continue to be held online. The public gallery remains closed until further notice.

You can view council meetings via the live stream on the City of Casey Facebook.

Schedule for 2021 Council Meetings

Note: there may be additional Council Meetings leading in to the adoption of the Budget, and for additional community consultation.

  • Tuesday 19 October
  • Tuesday 16 November
  • Tuesday 14 December

Upcoming Council Business

Note: This information is subject to change and only a guide on the items that will be discussed

Council Meeting 19 October 2021

  • Annual Report 2020/21
  • Domain Strategies - Final Adoption
  • Procurement Policy Update
  • Growing Suburbs Fund Applications
  • Health Business Renewal Consideration

Minutes and agendas

We will upload the meeting agenda 48 hours before the meeting begins.

We will take minutes at every meeting. They will be available 3 business days after the meeting.

You can also download minutes and agendas from previous meetings.


Schedule for 2022 Council Meetings

City of Casey hereby gives public notice of the approved schedule of the Council meeting dates for 2022 as per resolution of Council Meeting on 19 October 2021.


Council Meeting Date Held in Function Centre, Bunjil Place at 4pm

February Tuesday 15 February 2022
March Tuesday 15 March 2022
April Tuesday 19 April 2022
May Tuesday 17 May 2022
June Tuesday 21 June 2022
July Tuesday 19 July 2022
August  Tuesday 16 August 2022
September Tuesday 13 September 2022
October Tuesday 18 October 2022
November  Tuesday 15 November 2022
December Tuesday 20 December 2022


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