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Council maintenance of trees

Looking after our trees

You can report an issue with a street tree online.

We continue to plant new trees as part of our tree planting program. We also maintain trees in new residential areas across the city.

Our trees are a diverse mix of native, indigenous and exotic species. View our Casey Tree Guide for more information on the species of trees around Casey. We also manage around 864 trees on the significant tree register and the trees within the 7 Avenues of Honour.

How we maintain our trees

We maintain all our street trees on a 3-year cycle. For young trees, this can mean formative pruning in the early years to help them grow in the future.

Tree planting program

We plant the right species of trees to enhance your streetscape and open space areas. We plant once a year, from autumn to late spring. By planting in the cooler months, our trees have a better chance of establishing through the following summer.

If it is hot over the summer period we will delay plantings until conditions are more favourable.

As part of the planting program, we also water our trees over the warmer months.

Powerline clearance

Every year we prune our trees to keep them away from powerlines. This is to prevent fire hazards.

Our Electric Line Clearance Management Plan (ELCMP) has information on how to take care of trees near electricity assets.

You cannot prune Council trees yourself

We prune all our trees to the Australia Standard. This ensures trees have good structure and are in good condition for the future.

You cannot prune, interfere or change Council managed trees in any way. This is to protect your safety. It's also to preserve the environment, animal population and landscape around Casey.

Penalties may apply.