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Corporate reporting and planning

Access the City of Casey's key documents such as the Budget, Annual Report and Council Plan.

The 2017-2018 Annual Report

Council is committed to transparent reporting and accountability to the community. The Annual Report is the primary means of advising the community about Council’s operations and performance during the financial year.

View or download the 2017-2018 Annual Report

Previous Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual Report 2014-2015

2018-19 Budget and Strategic Resource Plan 2017-2021

Please note that the Fees and Charges form part of the 2018 -19 Budget.

Fees and Charges 2018-19 (2mb)

The City of Casey adopted it’s 2018-19 Budget, at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 26 June 2018. The budget and other corporate documents will be available on this page from Friday 29 June 2018.

This year’s Budget funds the necessary services and projects for the community of today and helps set Council up to deliver for our growing city in the future.

2018 -19 Budget snapshot

  • $441.6m total budget
  • $318.9m operating budget
  • $122.7m million capital works program
  • 2.25% average general rate increase in line with the rate cap and $24 increase in waste charge, which is among the lowest increases in the state in light of the global recycling crisis.
  • Based on recent property valuations conducted by the Victorian Valuer General, this means the rates and waste charge for residential properties will increase by an average of $64 this year.

Capital Works Program highlights

  • $13.35m to renew and build family and community facilities
  • $27.78m to renew, upgrade and construct new recreational facilities
  • $28.36m to improving Casey’s expansive road and path network
  • $4m to building and improving our playgrounds and open spaces
  • $4.4m to continue Council’s digital transformation to leverage technology, innovation and data to meet the demands of our future size.







Council Plan

Explore the 2017-2021 Council plan through Casey's Digital Council Plan website.

Access the full Council Plan 2017-2021 (19mb)

This Council Plan outlines the way the City of Casey will work towards achieving Council’s Vision for the future - "Creating Australia's Most Liveable City", during the period 2017-2021.

The Council Plan features the following strategic objectives:

  1. A leader in applying technology and innovation.
  2. An inclusive, safe and connected community.
  3. A Council whose services and facilities are driven by community needs.
  4. The destination for arts, culture, sport and leisure that attract visitors and bring communities together.
  5. A city that sustainably plans and manages growth while protecting its diverse landscape.
  6. A thriving economy with local jobs, investment, and new industries.
  7. A city with an accessible and well-connected transport network.
  8. An efficient and effective, customer focussed Council with sufficient resources to meet priorities

Annual Action Plan 2018-19

Annual Action Plan 2018-19 (17mb)

The Annual Action Plan is Council's framework on how it will work strategically to deliver the outcomes of the Council Plan.

Community Dashboard

To view how the City of Casey is progressing towards achieving its goals set out in the Council Plan, visit the Community Dashboard.

This website is designed to keep the community updated on Council's Plan performance, capital works, financial performance, community engagement and service performance.

Quarterly Report to the Community

Progress towards achievement of the Council Plan is reported to the community on a quarterly basis.

Council Quarterly Report 2017-2018

Quarterly Performance Report April - June 2018 (2mb)

Quarterly Performance Report January - March 2018 (3mb)

Quarterly Performance Report October - December 2017 (3mb)

Quarterly Performance Report July - September 2017 (3mb)

Visit the Know Your Council website to view Casey's latest results.

Each year the Victorian Government releases key service, governance and financial performance indicators for the City of Casey as part of the state-wide Know Your Council results. 

Published by Local Government Victoria, the results detail Council’s performance across 59 indicators in 11 core service areas and compare the results with all Victorian Council’s and similar Councils. 

Performance indicators include aquatic facilities, animal management, food safety, governance, libraries, maternal and child health services, roads, statutory planning, waste collection, financial performance, sustainable capacity and governance. 

Casey's 2017/18 highlights

The City of Casey’s 2017/18 performance highlights include:
•    Among the strongest financial management of Victorian Council’s.
•    Huge visitor numbers to the new Bunjil Place library has made the Casey Cardinia Libraries among the most cost efficient per visit.
•    Aquatic facilities are among the most popular, with 15 per cent more visits on average than the state.
•    One of the most reliable waste collection services in the state, diverting more than 50 per cent of all rubbish from landfill, compared to an average of 45 per cent across all Councils. 
•    Council is a top performer when it comes to food safety, being quick to action food complaints and stringent in completing food safety assessments.

To see the complete performance data for all Victorian Council’s, visit the Know Your Council website.

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