Kindergarten offering process

When you should receive an offer

Offer rounds for kindergarten places will commence in July of the year prior to your child attending. Offers are issued on an ongoing basis over several months. An offer information document will be sent along with your kindergarten offer.

Not all available places at each service are allocated in the first round of offers. As offers are issued in stages, we ask for your patience during the offering process as not all families will receive an offer at the same time.

Responding to your offer

You must respond to your offer within 10 business days. To respond to your offer, you will need to select the appropriate option on the offer reply form and return this to the Kindergarten Enrolments team. Failure to respond to an offer will result in the offer being cancelled and the place being offered to the next child on the waiting list.

Options available on the offer reply form include:

1. Accept the offer

This confirms your acceptance of a place at the centre offered. All required documentation and the non-refundable acceptance fee (or evidence of Kindergarten Fee Subsidy eligibility) must be received with the offer reply form for this be processed.

2. Transfer the year of attendance

This option is only available to children born between 1st January and 30th April. By selecting this option, your child’s year of attendance will be transferred to the waiting list for the following year.

3. Decline the offer

This option is only offered to families who did not receive an offer for their first preference. These families have the option to remain on the waiting list for their preferred kindergarten. By selecting this option, the family accepts that a place can only be offered at such time that a vacancy becomes available. If a vacancy does not become available, this may result in their child missing out on a place at their preferred kindergarten.

4. Cancel the offer

By selecting to cancel the offer, you are confirming that you wish to cancel your child’s kindergarten registration. By selecting to cancel the offer, your child will be removed from the waiting list and no further offers will be issued.

If you are cancelling the offer and wish to send your child to a private kindergarten or early childhood learning centre and require information on available centres, please see the Department of Education and Trainings full list of early childhood services

How to return your offer

The completed and signed offer reply form, a copy of your child’s birth certificate/passport, and evidence of payment can be returned by one of the following methods:

  1. Email: 

  2. Post:  PO Box 1000
    Narre Warren VIC 3805

  3. In person at one of our customer service centres

Kindergarten waiting list

Families who remain on the waiting list will only be contacted or receive an offer if a kindergarten place becomes available. For services where there are multiple children on the waiting list, we are unable to advise where on the list your child is placed as this constantly changes.

How kindergarten places are offered

The City of Casey endeavour to allocate kindergarten places based on a family’s listed preferences. We will make every effort to offer your child a place at your preferred kindergarten. Places are allocated using the priority of access guidelines detailed in the Kindergarten Enrolment Procedure.

The City of Casey will prioritise the following registrations, in line with the Victorian Department of Education and Training’s (DET) Priority of Access Guidelines and the City of Casey’s Kindergarten Enrolment Procedure:

  • High priority children

  • Children who fit the local criteria

If there are no places available at your most preferred kindergarten, we will attempt to allocate your child a place at one of your other preferred kindergartens. If you have not listed preferences other than your most preferred, or we are unable to offer you any of your other preferred kindergartens, we will attempt to offer your child a place at the next closest kindergarten with availability.

High priority children

The DET has developed the following criteria to identify a high priority child:

  • children at risk of abuse or neglect, including Out-of-Home-Care
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children
  • asylum seeker and refugee children
  • children eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy
  • children who have an additional need, defined as children who:
    • children who require additional assistance in order to fully participate in the kindergarten program and/or
    • children who require a combination of services which are individually planned and/or
    • children who have an identified specific disability or developmental delay

The DET website has more information about high priority children.

Local criteria

Children who fit into the following criteria will be given priority after we have allocated high priority children:

  • children who are in receipt of a second year of funding, and/or
  • children of City of Casey residents and ratepayers

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