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Community partnerships and sponsorships

Our partners

The City of Casey is proud to acknowledge our valued family of community partners and thank them for their ongoing and generous support. Together, we can deliver engaging exhibitions, events and programs to the wider community.

You can view our current list of partners at the Casey website.

Partnership benefits

We go above and beyond to welcome partners that align with our values. The City of Casey seeks collaborators that understand and appreciate the opportunities our regional economic partnerships offer.

Our partnerships help drive our community, arts, youth and business programs and events. They are a unique platform that offers 360-degree brand exposure. We connect you with people in ‘our’ world – in person, online and in print.

Whether you’re looking to build your customer base or increase your brand awareness; our events, database, print and digital channels provide the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your organisation.

We also recognise that every one of our relationships is unique. We will work closely with you to develop a tailored suite of benefits that meets your needs perfectly – whatever they may be.


With such a variety of community events and business programs available, we need to recognise that we cannot do this alone. We are always looking to connect with potential business sponsors – new and returning. Our sponsors' generous support provides the foundation for the programs and events we offer across the region.

With several sponsorship options available, there is sure to be something that will align with your business or organisational goals.

Get involved in the community

As a community partner or sponsor, you will feel part of something special as we create opportunities together. Our goal is to build Council’s vision of ‘creating Australia’s most liveable city’.

Partnering with like-minded organisations with a common purpose has incredible power to drive social change in the community. By joining together we aim to identify and unlock new prospects and bring them to life. 

This type of approach embraces the principles of ‘co-design, co-invest and sometimes co-deliver’. Together, we will look at the best way to address community needs. We will develop long term, meaningful relationships with businesses and communities by facilitating Council initiatives. These are for the benefit of Casey and our residents.

Say hello!

If you love what the City of Casey opportunities our partnerships offer, we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with our partnership team who can provide information on current opportunities and how your organization could become part of the Casey story.

Contact our Corporate Partnerships and Sponsorship team today:

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