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Find policies, plans and strategies about families and communities in Casey.


Title Summary
Aboriginal Strategic Framework 2018-2021 The City of Casey Aboriginal Strategic Framework 2018-2021 sets out the commitment that Council makes to build stronger relationships with the Aboriginal community, strengthening connections and partnerships that are underpinned by self-determination.
Active Recreation Reserve Allocation and Usage Policy
Casey Community Local Law 2018 This Local Law is known as the City of Casey Community Local Law 2018 – effective 1 January 2018.
Child Safe Policy Council has implemented a range of policies, procedures and initiatives to keep children safe and prevent abuse.
City of Casey Hoarding & Squalor Protocol Protocol to help deal with hoarding and squalor issues.
Community Development Principles The Principles provide a framework for Council to use in its everyday practices to ensure individuals, communities and networks are connected with one another.
Community Engagement Policy The purpose of this policy is to outline Council’s commitment to engaging with the City of Casey’s diverse communities.
Community Gardens Policy
Community Safety Strategy The Community Safety Strategy provides context to Council’s commitment to a Safe Community. The document identifies the key safety areas in which Council will work and the way in which the organisation will engage in strengthening capacity and resilience for a Safe Community.
Complaints Handling Policy As a customer-focused organisation, Council is committed to providing a fair and consistent process for managing complaints.
The Complaint Handling Policy provides information on what customers can expect when making a complaint to Council.
This policy will:
• define what is considered a complaint
• clarify roles and responsibilities of Council officers
• ensure Council officers manage complaints fairly and objectively
• establish timeframes for resolving complaints
• identify key performance indicators for Council officers to report on
• outline how complaints will be captured and reported
• provide an open and transparent complaint handling process
• ensure complaint outcomes inform continuous improvement activities
• improve customers’ experiences in relation to complaint handling
Diversity, Access & Inclusion Policy The purpose of this policy is to provide strategic direction to the ongoing development of Council and its community to strengthen and value diversity through an inclusive, equitable and accessible community, inclusive, equitable and accessible services and a Council that is inclusive and reflective of its community.

This policy is underpinned by the Council Plan and the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan and the Community Development Principles of inclusiveness, collaboration, capacity building, equity and responsiveness.
Grants Policy This Policy provides direction for the administration of Council’s Grants and Contributions Program
Priority of Access Policy The Community Facilities Access Principles define Council’s position and provide a consistent approach
to the provision and management of the diverse range of community facilities that are owned and
managed by Council and are available for hire,


Title Summary
Accessibility Framework for Action 2018-21 The Accessibility Framework for Action 2018 – 2021 (AFA), with a year one action plan, sets out Council’s commitment to making the Casey municipality more accessible for people with a disability
Customer Experience Strategy The purpose of this document is to inform you, our customers, about how the teams and individuals across Council are going to work to deliver effective experiences for residents, businesses and our communities
Family Violence Prevention Strategy Our vision is for the City of Casey to be a family-friendly city where women and children feel safe in their homes and neighbourhoods, and live free from family violence.
Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-25
Living and Ageing Well Action Plan 2023-25 Council proactively supports people to stay healthy and thrive as they age by celebrating their differences, and promoting safety, inclusion and respect; and enabling them to remain healthy, safe and connected.
Sport Cycling Strategy Council adopted its Leisure Facilities and Development Plan (LFDP) in 2009 to guide the provision of sporting infrastructure in Casey. The LFDP considered and recommended the development of a BMX track however it was not within the scope of the LFDP to consider the other sport cycling disciplines.
The Casey Sport Cycling Strategy will provide Council with a strategic direction to guide its infrastructure provision and hosting of sport cycling events across the following five sport disciplines:
BMX racing
Mountain bike racing
Road racing
Track cycling

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