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Commonwealth Home Support Program – Brokerage Program

Important information

  • Name: Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) – Brokerage Program
  • Status: Closed
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Amount we provide: Determined on individual application.

Purpose of this funding

The purpose of this funding is to support organisations to provide enjoyable and meaningful social opportunities to vulnerable communities who need help with connecting to their community. 

What we can fund

  • 12-week reablement program to assist Casey residents to participate in Social Support programs once again.
  • Group-based activities held in or from a facility/centre. For example: individually tailored activities promoting physical activity, cognitive stimulation and emotional wellbeing. 
  • Group excursions conducted by staff but held away from the Centre.
  • Online programs.

Who can apply for this grant

  • Organisations who are eligible and provide CHSP services. These include community organisations, religious and charitable bodies, state government agencies, health agencies, and private (non-profit) organisations.
  • Organisations must be able to deliver social support programs to the CHSP target group, preferably to special needs groups as outlined in the CHSP manual. 
  • Organisations should be a constituted, non-profit and preferably an incorporated association. If the organisation is not incorporated, then it must be auspiced by an incorporated association. 

What will not be considered for funding

  • Organisations formed under the umbrella of a political party or that have an affiliation with a political party. 
  • Programs or services that are considered the responsibility of another authority, funding body or tier of government. 
  • Programs with the sole purpose of advocating a religious faith or belief. 
  • Capital Works projects - an item is considered capital if it is permanently fixed to the ground or building and increases the value of the facility. 
  • Applications from individuals, registered or private businesses and/or profit making groups. 
  • Any items that do not directly relate to the delivery of the program for which funds are being applied for. 
  • Applications for fundraising purposes. 
  • Applicants seeking retrospective funding where programs have commenced prior to receiving funding approval.

Note: we advise applicants not to spend any funds related to their brokerage application before funding approval. We will not reimburse groups for any funds already spent.

Incomplete or unsatisfactory applications may be deemed ineligible.

We may ask applicants to submit additional information. If the information is not received within a specified time period, the application will also be deemed ineligible.

How we decide on successful applications

There are a number of special needs groups within Casey’s CHSP target population who may experience particular difficulties in remaining socially connected. Your organisation must outline their ability to provide social opportunities to these groups in their application. A list of groups includes:

  • people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 
  • parents separated from children by forced adoption or removal 
  • people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds 
  • people who live in rural and remote areas 
  • people who are financially or socially disadvantaged 
  • people who are veterans of the Australian Defence Force or an allied Defence Force including the spouse, widow or widower of the veteran 
  • people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless 
  • people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex 
  • people who are care leavers (including Forgotten Australians, Former Child Migrant and Stolen Generations) 
  • parents separated from children by forced adoption or removal.

Assessment criteria we use

An evaluation panel of 3 City of Casey Community Care department members will assess all applications for funding.

All applications will be assessed based of the following criteria:

  • Priority will be given to programs that are addressing current service gaps, are able to identify a need for this program and will not duplicate what is currently available to City of Casey residents.
  • Priority will be given to programs that focus on a short reablement approach, focussing on assisting participants of social support to access programs once again.  Online programs will also be supported.
  • Must deliver programs to meet the CHSP target group, with priority being given to special needs groups and guiding principles listed above.
  • Programs that create meaningful opportunities to reduce social isolation.
  • Must be able to outline the number of service hours and number of clients the program will aim to provide.
  • Programs that will work in partnership with other agencies are highly desirable.

If your application is successful

If successful, your organisation will need to sign and return a Service and Funding Agreement before any funding is provided.

We will provide funding at the standard CHSP unit price of $16.96. Client fees can also contribute to the total costs for funding the program.

Once the program commences, your organisation must:

  • Practice equal opportunity and non-discriminatory practices. 
  • Have current Public Liability Insurance (minimum $10 million). 
  • Demonstrate you are meeting a clear need in the community and not duplicating an existing service. 
  • Comply with the Department of Health’s The Commonwealth Home Support Programme Guidelines and any other Acts, Regulations, Local laws and By-laws in any way applicable to the performance of the services agreed to within this brokerage arrangement. 
  • Comply will all Covid-19 safe requirements as mandated by the state and federal governments.
  • Demonstrate the organisation’s position to remain financially viable 
  • Register all participants with the City of Casey 
  • Submit your service hours to Casey every month. 
  • Complete and submit an acquittal report after the 12 week period, due by 30 June 2022.
  • Participate in onsite interviews where required.
  • Use the approved and provided acknowledgement that recognizes the City of Casey and the Commonwealth in any publications which support the program.

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