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Circular Economy Living Lab (Circular Casey)

Circular Casey

Driving Sustainable Development in Casey

Discover the transformative impact of City of Casey's Circular Economy Living Lab (Circular Casey), an Innovation initiative blending innovation with collaboration to tackle environmental challenges and support sustainable development within our community.

Program report and infographics

Gain in-depth insights into the Circular Economy Living Lab contribution towards social, economic, and environmental sustainability in Casey.

Find out about the key results of this initiative:

  • Fostering collaborative change: learn how we've mobilised residents, local businesses and not-for-profit organisations in a united effort towards environmental stewardship. 
  • Reducing waste effectively: discover our initiative for minimising food and construction waste, contributing to Casey's sustainabile future.
  • Promoting circular economy principles: gain insights into how the City of Casey has raised awareness and fostered education on circular economy practices through active community and business participation.

The CELL Summary Report and visual infographics outline the successful outcomes achieved by this City of Casey initiative.

Click the gallery below to view the infographics in full screen. You can also download the Impact, Building Impact and Food and Waste Impact graphics.

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Telling the stories of Circular Casey through art

In May 2023, the City of Casey introduced the "Art for Impact" Portrait Competition.

Zainab Hasani, the competition's winner, created a series of evocative portraits highlighting "sustainability heroes" – individuals and businesses central to the Circular Casey initiatives that have significantly contributed to environmental improvement over the last year.

These narratives strive to motivate continued commitment and action towards sustainability in Casey. An exhibition held at Bunjil Place in November 2023 featured these powerful stories from participants of the Circular Economy Living Lab, encouraging attendees to incorporate circular economy principles into their daily lives.

You can also access the following downloads:

  • Artist interviews: discover the stories behind the portraits, learn more about the exhibition, and explore the artist's journey,
  • Art glossary: gain a deeper understanding of the themes represented in the artwork.

Exploring the Impact of Circular Economy Living Lab through data

garden map

The City of Casey harnessed the power of its Open Data platform to highlight the Circular Economy Living Lab, presenting a user-friendly dashboard that offers transparent insights into the program’s objectives, the environmental challenges it tackles, and the achievements made. This real-time, interactive dashboard enabled residents and stakeholders to closely follow the sustainability initiatives as they progressed, showcasing the lab's role in driving environmental improvements in Casey.

As a digital hub for freely shared data, the Open Data Exchange platform fosters transparency and innovation, encouraging community engagement, research, and entrepreneurial efforts that contribute to the development of innovative solutions. 

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