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Choose your kindergarten sessions

Number of sessions we provide

Each child is offered 15 hours of kindergarten per week. In 2020, City of Casey will offer two different model types:

  • 5 hours sessions over 3 days
  • 7.5 hours sessions over 2 days

How to choose your preferred sessions

Late in the year prior to your child attending kindergarten, you will receive a notification explaining how to nominate your preferred session based on what is offered at your child’s centre. If you do not nominate a preferred session, you will be randomly allocated a session for your child to attend.

For kindergartens that only have a single session option, these families will receive a notification advising of the days and times of your child’s session.

If you cannot submit your preferences online

If you are unable to submit your preferences online, your family or friends may be able to help. We can also help you submit your preferences online at one of our customer service centres.

The process to choosing your kindergarten sessions is currently under review to align with the new Parent Portal. Please check back soon for updated information.

In the mean time, if you have any queries please contact us.