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Changes to your extra recycling bin service

Council has decided to introduce a user pays system for extra recycling bins. Residents will still have an opportunity to have a second bin if they need, but a small charge will recover some of the costs to deliver the extra service. This will also ensure a price is not imposed on other ratepayers. 

The online option to notify Council is closed.

What happens next

The process for extra bin removal has now commenced.

Council will retrieve the extra bins on your normal recycling bin day between 19 August-13 September. Please ensure at least one bin is left out for removal.

If you have not notified Council, we will assume you have a second bin at the property and it will be left out for removal during the retrieval period.

Note: when multiple bins are bunched together outside units or on naturestrips, please make sure the bin to be removed is clearly marked with your house or unit number. 

Council will make two attempts to pick up the extra bin. A courtesy card will be left in your letterbox if Council is unsuccessful in removing the extra bin after the first attempt. If your property is being rented please remind your tenants of this process.

For any queries please contact our Customer Service Centre at 9705 5200.

Tips to increase your recycling space

Cardboard items

  • Flatten to make space, for example egg and milk cartons
  • Take to transfer stations – this service is often free

Reusable items

  • Reuse water bottles, coffee cups and shopping bags
  • Some cafes offer rewards for reusable cups
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables using reusable bags
  • Re-purpose glass jars or donate them to local charities
  • Bring your own containers for takeaway food
  • Reduce wrapping waste by using old gift bags and reused wrapping paper

Advertising material

  • The Distributions Standards Board offers free “no advertising mail” stickers for your letter box
  • Reduce paper waste by viewing catalogues online

Home composting

  • Home compost bins process food scraps, shredded newspapers and cardboard. Council offers compost bin rebates