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Casey wide planning strategies

Find planning strategies that apply to the whole of our municipality.


Title Summary
Advertising Signs Design Guide The Advertising Sign Design Guide provides guidance for the design, location, specification of signs that are appropriate for the business or development in relation to its site context and environment
Child Minding Centres Policy Provide advice and guidance to persons seeking to establish Child Minding and Child Care Centres within the City of Casey.
Contaminated Land Management Framework
Display Homes Policy Provide advice and guidance to persons seeking to establish Display Homes within the City of Casey.
Environmentally Sustainable Design Building Policy
Growth Area Heritage Places Policy The purpose of this Policy is to provide a framework for decision making regarding heritage places in Casey's growth areas.
Industrial Development Policy Provide guidelines and advice to persons seeking to establish industrial developments.    
Kerbside Collection Policy To detail the residential and community facility waste and recycling services provided by the City of Casey.
Litter Management Policy This policy guides the management and prevention of litter in the City of Casey.
Medical Centres Policy The purpose of this policy is to provide advice and guidance to persons seeking to establish Medical Centres within the City of Casey.
Melbourne Metro Rail Project: Upgrades to the Rail Network Incorporated Document
Monash Freeway Upgrade Project (Stage 2) Incorporated Document
Neighbourhood Houses and Community Learning Centres Policy This policy details the support and funding available to enhance services at Neighbourhood Houses and Community Learning Centres.
Places of Assembly/Worship Policy This Policy provides advice and guidance to persons seeking to establish places of assembly or worship within the City of Casey.
Resident Permit Parking Policy To manage on-street parking for the people who live in the street to balance residential, commercial and other parking demands.
Roadside Vegetation Management Plan
Small Lot Housing Code The Small Lot Housing Code seeks to improve the flexibility of dwelling approvals.
Subdivision Policy for New Estates The purpose of the Subdivision Policy for New Estates is to provide guidance to developers, Council and other stakeholders on matters related to the safe, efficient and appropriate subdivision of land to create new estates in the City of Casey.
Telecommunications in New Developments Policy To help raise awareness of the requirements for pit and pipe installations, particularly amongst smaller developers and owner-builders.
Western Port Green Wedge Management Plan


Title Summary
Cardinia Creek Regional Parklands Future Directions Plan The Cardinia Creek Regional Parklands Future Directions Plan 2022 sets out a vision, principles and directions for progressive parklands establishment,
expansion and management to be achieved by 2040.
Activity Centre Strategy Casey’s Activity Centres Strategy sets forth Council’s vision for a strong and vibrant network of activity centres in Casey and provides guidance on how to accomplish this vision through specific policy directions.
Affordable Housing Strategy This Strategy sets out Council's policy position regarding the need for affordable housing and details an action plan to implement Council's role in advocating, partnering, and facilitating affordable housing.
Amstel Golf Course Development Plan An amended version of the 2017 Amstel Golf Course Development Plan was adopted by Council on 7 April 2020 and applies to land located within Areas 2 and 3.
Brechin Gardens Incorporated Plan To provide a statutory framework for the management of Brechin Gardens which is covered by a Heritage Overlay (HO153).
The Brechin Gardens Conservation Management Plan 2016 forms the basis of this Incorporated Plan.
Cardinia Parklands Strategy Plan Support the development of a rural residential environment adjacent to the proposed Cardinia Creek Parklands.
Casey Cardinia Visitation Strategy 2017-2020
Casey Complex Structure Plan
Casey Image Strategy Provides an urban and landscape design vision to guide the future development of Casey and identifies a range of works to progressively upgrade the image of its public places.
Casey Parking Strategy The Parking Strategy will assist Casey to more effectively manage both existing and future car parking demands across the municipality while we work to ensure that safety, amenity and accessibility are maintained for our community.
Casey Significant Tree Strategy incorporating the Significant Tree Register The objective of this strategy is the protection of identified significant trees, and more particularly the protection of approximately 1000 identified River Red Gum, exotic and other native trees.
Cranbourne Racing Complex and Surrounds Investment and Development Plan
Cranbourne West Development Contributions Plan
Electronic Gaming Machine Strategy 2015-2020 The City of Casey’s Electronic Gaming Machine Strategy (EGM) 2015 – 2020 articulates Council’s overall goal and long-term commitment to reduce the negative impacts of gambling from the operation of EGM on the Casey community.
Emissions Management Plan 2018-22 Ambitious evidence-based targets in line with a comprehensive investment action program prioritised on economic, environmental and social benefits to ensure benefits are realised by the City of Casey.
Evans Road, Lyndhurst Level Crossing Removal Project Incorporated Document To allow the use and development of land described in Clause 3.0 for the purposes of the Evans Road, Lyndhurst Level Crossing Removal Project (the Project).
Heritage Strategy The City of Casey Heritage Strategy provides an action plan to identify, protect and maintain heritage places, support and assist owners of heritage places, and educate and promote Casey’s history and heritage assets for the benefit of current and future generations.
Housing Strategy The City of Casey’s Housing Strategy will ensure the municipality has more diverse, well- located housing for its residents over the next 15 years and beyond.
Integrated Transport Strategy The Integrated Transport Strategy titled Streets Ahead provides guidance and direction on investment and improvements to all modes of transport.
Integrated Water Management Plan This document details the City of Casey’s water management vision towards building a Water Efficient City.
Open Space Strategy The Open Space Strategy provides a framework to guide the planning, design, development and management of open space in the City of Casey.
Playground Strategy The purpose of the Playground Strategy is to guide the provision and management of playground facilities in the City of Casey to meet the present and future needs of Casey residents. 
Property Strategy The purpose of the Casey Property Strategy is to provide a policy framework to guide decision making in relation to Council’s property needs and Council owned land. The Casey Property Strategy identifies five key property functions, being acquisition, leasing, use, maintenance and disposal.
Revegetation Strategy A long-term municipal strategy aimed at providing a coordinated and strategic approach to revegetation; and the identification of an initial ten sites on public land and ten sites on private land to focus resources on in the short-term.
Skate Strategy  Guide the provision, development and management of skate and BMX facilities.
Sport and Physical Activity Strategy 2021-2025 Casey is home to several state-of-the art sporting and recreation facilities and is on track to meet the needs of Casey’s rapidly growing community for sports stadiums, recreation reserves, cycling paths, and other important infrastructure.
Sports Development Plan To 
of sport facilities and sports development 

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