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Caring for your trees

How to plant a tree

icon for planting a tree step 1

1. Dig a pit that's approximately three times the width of the tree roots all the way around. Make sure the edges aren't glazed by roughening them with a shovel or crowbar.

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2. Place the tree in the pit. Make sure it's level with the ground.

icon for planting a tree step 3

3. Break up the soil and fill the pit. Make sure the soil is in pieces less than 25mm in size.

icon for planting a tree step 4

4. After filling the pit, use any excess soil to create a well on the edges.

icon for planting a tree step 6

5. Mulch over the top of the soil 1 cm thick but sparingly over the roots. Keep the stem clear.

icon for planting a tree step 6

6. If your tree seems unstable put two stakes into the stable ground, keeping clear of the root ball. Use a hessian strap to secure the stakes, placing them in a figure-eight shape one-third of the way up the tree.

Removing trees on private property

Before removing any trees from your property, please contact Council to check if a planning permit is required. Depending on the planning controls associated with your property additional protections may be applied to protect the landscape, environmental and historical values of the vegetation within the landscape.

For more information see our Tree Guide.