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Cancel your pet registration

To cancel your pet's registration:

You must visit a customer service centre if want us to refund your registration fee.

Eligibility for refunds

If your pet passes away, we may refund its registration fee. Refunds are processed at Council's customer service centres. Refunds can only be processed if proof of payment has been provided.

All refunds exclude the Victorian Animal Levy, currently $4.00. Refunds are calculated by the date of your pet's death:

  • If your animal passes away before 10 June — 100% fee refund
  • If your animal passes away between 10 June and 10 October — 50% fee refund

If you were the owner of a restricted breed, menacing or dangerous dog you must provide a death certificate to process your refund.

Update your microchipping details

Please make sure you notify your microchipping provider of your pet's death. In Victoria, this is usually the Central Animal Records.

Surrender your pet

If you wish to surrender your pet, you can take it to your nearest Council pound.

If you are unable to take your pet to the pound, please contact us. We will pick your pet up within 7 days. You will be required to fill in a surrender form when an officer collects your pet.

You will not receive a refund on your registration if you surrender your pet.