Bunyip food belt

The Bunyip Food Belt is a large region south east of Melbourne that contains some of Australia’s most fertile and valuable agriculture land and produces fresh food for Melbourne’s rapidly growing population. As urban growth takes over existing farmland, new food production areas will need to be developed.

Local government (Casey, Mornington Peninsula and Cardinia) and water authorities (Melbourne Water, South East Water and Southern Rural Water) in this region are keen to protect and support the growth of the Bunyip Food Belt as a key food producing area for metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria.

The Project Management Team is currently investigating the practicality of establishing an intensive agricultural area within the Bunyip Food Belt which can be supplied with Class A recycled water from the Eastern Treatment Plant.

This project will see the development of an intensive irrigated food production zone on Melbourne’s south eastern fringe, to be known as the ‘Bunyip Food Belt’.

Such a project offers significant opportunities to build on existing agricultural activities, fully utilise high quality soils, secure the agricultural economy of this area, reinforce the value of the green wedge and enhance Melbourne’s food security. Although the areas nominated are already zoned and used for agriculture, this project seeks to strengthen the role of agriculture in this region through proposed changes to existing planning controls with improved water supply.

For further information contact the City of Casey's Economic Development Department  on 9705 5200 or email