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Find policies, plans and strategies about building in Casey.


Title Summary
Asset Protection Local Law 2016
Building Over Easements and/ or near Council Stormwater Drainage Assets Policy
Casey South Agriculture Small Lot Excision Policy To encourage sustainable farming and rural industries and improve the management of land.
To maintain the character of rural areas.
To conserve rural areas of environmental significance.
Leasing and Pricing Policy The purpose of this Policy is to ensure consistency in decision making and an equitable and transparent process for dealing with Council’s leased and licenced assets.
Major Plant Management Policy The Policy provides a framework for the purchase, use, maintenance and disposal of Council’s fleet of major plant to meet its operational needs.
Private Building Surveyor Intervention Policy To set policy as to (1) how and when Council and its Municipal Building Surveyor will respond to building control matters where a private building surveyor has been appointed and is responsible to carry out functions under the Act and (2) when matters will be referred to the Victorian Building Authority and/or Building Practitioners Board for their administration and enforcement of the Building Act 1993.
Residential Development in Coastal Villages Policy The aim of this policy is to achieve higher standards of housing and site development which will contribute to an improved residential environment. This can be achieved by Council exercising control over the character and siting of buildings and works, the clearing of natural vegetation and where necessary, by requiring that cleared areas be revegetated with appropriate native plant species.
Subdivision Policy for New Estates The purpose of the Subdivision Policy for New Estates is to provide guidance to developers, Council and other stakeholders on matters related to the safe, efficient and appropriate subdivision of land to create new estates in the City of Casey.


Title Summary
Heritage Strategy The City of Casey Heritage Strategy provides an action plan to identify, protect and maintain heritage places, support and assist owners of heritage places, and educate and promote Casey’s history and heritage assets for the benefit of current and future generations.

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