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View all the specific plans that relate to Berwick.


Title Summary
55 Kangan Drive, Berwick Development Plan To explain the strategic directions and planning principles of the proposal to use this land for a Hospital and Medical Facilities with food and drink premises.
Barry Simon Reserve (Endeavour Hills) To outline the proposed future works for Barry Simon Reserve Master Plan.
Berwick South Development Contributions Plan The Development Contributions Plan has been developed to support the provision of works, services, and facilities within the Berwick South area.
Berwick Township Significant Landscape Strategy To assist in the preservation of the character of the Berwick Township by recommending that targeted statutory protection is introduced.
Berwick Village Commercial Centre Parking Precinct Plan This Parking Precinct Plan identifies Council’s requirements for the provision of car parking in the Berwick Village Commercial Centre.  
Berwick Village Commercial Centre Parking Strategy Identify and manage current and future issues relating to car parking and further the objectives for car parking identified in the BVCC Strategy.
Berwick Village Commercial Waste Policy Provide a commercial waste service to a designated Berwick Village area within the City of Casey.

Berwick Village Structure Plan The Berwick Village Structure Plan sets out a framework for the use, development and enhancement of the Berwick Village activity centre over the next 20 years. 
Berwick Village Urban Design Guidelines The purpose of this document is to provide detailed urban design guidelines for all property owners, developers, building and design professionals, planners and the community on how to achieve the development vision for Berwick Village, as expressed in the associated Berwick Village Structure Plan.
Cell T Development Plan (North-east corner of Greaves Road and Clyde Road, Berwick) Provide a planning framework to guide the orderly development of residential land.
Edwin Flack Reserve Reserve To outline the proposed future works for the Edwin Flack Reserve Master Plan.
Manuka Road Development Plan Council is working with Veris Town Planning and Parklea Developments to investigate future development of the Manuka Road Precinct. The Draft Manuka Road Development Plan is on community consultation until 11:59 pm on Sunday 1 February 2023.
Old Cheese Factory Master Plan
The Old Cheese Factory Master Plan aims to provide a clear and concise strategic direction for the development of this unique parkland featuring heritage buildings, manicured gardens, open lawns and play spaces that is used extensively by the community.


Title Summary
Berwick South Development Plan The purpose of the Development Plan is to provide guidelines to coordinate the action of separate developers and public authorities.

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