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Feeding your baby


You have 3 main options for feeding your baby:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Mixed feeding
  • Bottle feeding

For many reasons, there are different approaches when it comes to feeding babies. Our MCH nurses understand this and want to help you raise a happy and healthy baby.

Don't forget that your First Time Parent Group is a great forum to talk to other parents and share ideas! 


Breastfeeding is highly recommended (if possible). If you're having trouble with breastfeeding or you have questions, you can:

  • get help from Council
  • visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association
  • use apps to track your feeding

Help from Council

You can get help from Council by:

  • talking to your MCH nurse about how to feed your baby
  • making an appointment with our lactation support worker by calling 9705 5590

You may also be able to get help from the hospital where your baby was born.

Australian Breastfeeding Association

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has a local breastfeeding support group that meets regularly and supports women and their families.

Drop-in centre

You can visit the Dandenong Breastfeeding Centre if you need extra help with breastfeeding. Check their opening hours before dropping in.

Support using apps

There are many apps available to help you with breastfeeding. You may want to search for some that will help you keep track of:

  • when you've fed your baby, and for how long
  • feeding from your left and right breast
  • times you've used a breast pump

More information

Mixed feeding and bottle feeding

If you are not able to breastfeed, talk to your MCH nurse about mixed feeding and bottle feeding. You can also: