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Dads matter groups


The free Dads Matter groups are an opportunity for you to bond with your baby or child through play. You can also meet other dads in Casey.

There are 4 Dads Matter sessions you can join. They are designed for dads of children from 0-6 years of age.

Daytime Dads

If you are home during the day, you can meet other dads and enjoy playtime with your child.

You can also:

  • spend quality time with your child
  • learn about eating healthy meals

Find out more about Daytime Dads.


Bond with your child through storytelling, playtime and other activities. At Read-Play-Make, you can:

  • share stories, activities and games with your child
  • help your children learn through play
  • meet other dads

Find out more about Read-Play-Make.

Dad's Little Builders

Work with your child and use tools to build a project of your choice. You can work with your child to:

  • share a hands-on project with your child
  • help your child learn life skills and build confidence

Find out more about Dad's Little Builders.

Cook it with Dad

Learn about food, healthy eating and preparing meals with your child. You and your child will:

  • learn about what makes food healthy
  • find out where food comes from
  • cook healthy meals together

Find out more about Cook it with Dad.