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Arts and functions

Find policies, plans and strategies about arts and functions in Casey.


Title Summary
Arts Acquisition Policy The Art Acquisitions Policy confirms Council’s commitment to enlivening and enriching the municipality through the collection of art and commissioning of public art from leading professional artists.
Australia Day Awards Program Policy This Policy outlines the necessary process in administering and delivering the Casey Australia Day Awards Program.
Community Event Signage Policy To ensure that event organisers are aware of Council's requirements regarding roadside advertising signage so as to assist and encourage community event signage that is managed to provide safety and amenity to road users and the broader community.
Events Policy This Policy provides direction for the delivery of Council events and the provision of support to community, local and regional events.


Title Summary
Arts and Cultural Development Strategy 2018-2022 Grounded in research, this strategy provides direction to all Arts and Cultural Development activities undertaken over the next four years.