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Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

  • Context
  • Role of the Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee
  • Mission Statement
  • Membership
  • Term of Appointment
  • Process for Selection of Advisory Committee Members
  • Conduct of Meetings
  • Decision Making
  • Administrative and Support Services
  • Reporting to Council
  • Limitations of Authority
  • Publicity
  • Confidentiality


As one of Victoria’s most populous and rapidly growing municipalities, the City of Casey represents a broad range of people who engage in diverse cultural and artistic expressions, activities and events.

The City of Casey considers the arts to be an important element in community strengthening and encourages participation in the arts to contribute to health and well being.

There are numerous ways in which people in Casey participate in the arts; as passive observers, audience members, appreciators, supporters, administrators, group members, students, teachers, enthusiasts, creators and performers, professionals and businesses.

Considered in its broad meaning, the arts can include a range of activities and interests by groups and individuals including, but not limited to, all types of performance, singing, music, sound, dance, visual arts, crafts, design, architecture, literature, photography, film and digital creations.

Role of the Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee has an advisory role. It provides advice to the City of Casey on the arts and cultural needs of the community and the implementation of arts related policies.

The core responsibilities of the Committee are:

  • To provide informed local community input into key Council policies which will affect arts and culture.
  • To keep Council informed of the artistic and cultural needs of the community.
  • To contribute to discussions regarding Council’s priorities for arts and cultural development within the municipality.
  • To facilitate communication between community representatives and Council in arts and cultural related disciplines.
  • To contribute to the ongoing review of Council’s arts and cultural programs and services.
  • To contribute to the development and enhancement of a strong, recognisable public profile for the arts in Casey.

Council will ultimately determine the matters having regard to the advice of the Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee.

Mission Statement

The Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee are committed to fulfilling the following Mission Statement during their term of appointment:

The Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee is dedicated to guiding and supporting the City of Casey’s strategic plan for the arts. The Committee will focus on the key areas of Great Art, Great Artists, Engaged Audiences, Connected Community and A Vibrant Society and Culture.


Membership comprises:

A Councillor appointed annually at the Special Council Meeting for election of the Mayor;


A core membership of eight (8) community representatives reflecting:

  • a diverse range of interests and experience, to provide a balance of arts and cultural disciplines including but not limited to the performing arts, visual arts, and literary arts;
  • representation of all levels of involvement from recreation to professional;
  • the demographics of the municipality; and
  • the geographic diversity of Casey.

Additional members may only be added to the Advisory Committee by Council.

Additional persons may be invited to attend meetings at the discretion of the Advisory Committee.

All members represent the community interest and not individual or sectional interests.

Council’s nominated Councillor will be the Chairperson. In the event of the Chairperson being unable to attend a meeting, the alternate delegate will act in their place. Where no Councillor is present, the Committee will appoint a Temporary Chairperson for that meeting.

Term of Appointment

  • The term of appointment will be a two (2) year period.
  • Any member may resign at any time by advising his or her resignation to the Advisory Committee in writing. Council will be responsible for appointing any person to fill the casual vacancy for the remainder of the term.
  • A member who is absent for more than two consecutive meetings without leave or reasonable excuse may be asked to explain their absence to the Advisory Committee.
  • If an Advisory Committee member is absent without leave or reasonable excuse that is accepted by the Advisory Committee, the Advisory Committee may via the Manager Community Strengthening request that Council declare the position vacant.

Process for Selection of Advisory Committee Members

All members (with the exception of the Chairperson) will be selected via a nomination process.

Advertisements will be placed on the City of Casey website and in local newspapers calling for nominations. A mail out will also be undertaken to call for nominations.

Following the closure of nominations an assessment panel made up of the Chairperson and Council officers will be convened to decide on the selection of representatives to fill vacancies.

Applicants seeking membership on the Advisory Committee should:

  • either reside or work in Casey;
  • have an association with and understanding of the arts and cultural aspects of the Casey community;
  • have familiarity with Council’s arts related policies, and a knowledge of Council’s current arts and cultural activities and events;
  • demonstrate capacity to consider the direction of cultural opportunities in a fair and equitable manner; and
  • be able to work as part of a team.

All new members will be formally introduced at community arts events where appropriate.

Conduct of Meetings

The Advisory Committee meet on a quarterly basis (ie. four meetings per year).

The quorum for meetings will be not less than five members of the Advisory Committee, unless otherwise determined by Council.

Prior to consideration of an item in which a member may have a conflict of interest (ie. potential financial or material gain arising from the Advisory Committee’s decision), this interest must be declared to the Chairperson. The member must leave the room and remain outside until the conclusion of discussion on the item.

Agendas and minutes of meetings shall be forwarded to members at least two working days before the meeting.

Decision Making

The Advisory Committee will seek to operate on a consensus basis.

Should a vote be necessary, all Advisory Committee members appointed by Council have voting rights. Council officers provide support and administrative services to the Advisory Committee only and do not have voting rights.

Administrative and Support Services

A Council officer will resource the Advisory Committee.

This officer will provide administrative support to the Advisory Committee by:

  • sending members notice of meetings with an agenda setting out the business to be dealt with at the meeting;
  • attending meetings and taking minutes of proceedings; and
  • providing status reports on matters requiring action.

Reporting to Council

  • Minutes of meetings will be presented to the next available Ordinary Meeting of Council and a copy of the Minutes will be circulated to Councillors with the Council Agenda.
  • Any matter contained within the Minutes of the Advisory Committee meeting requiring action of the Council will in the first instance be introduced to Council by a Councillor who is a member of the Committee (or if unavailable, any other Councillor).
  • The Councillor and/or the officer resourcing the Advisory Committee will communicate details of Council’s consideration of the Advisory Committee’s minutes to the Committee at its next meeting.

Limitations of Authority

The role of the Advisory Committee is to provide advice to Council and it may only act within the Terms of Reference and procedural arrangements endorsed by Council.

The Advisory Committee has no authority to:

  • expend moneys on behalf of Council;
  • commit Council to any arrangement;
  • consider any matter outside its specific reference; and/or
  • direct Council officers in the performance of their duties.


Committee members, with the exception of the Chairperson, must not make any public comment about the Art and Cultural Advisory Committee or any discussions which take place in Committee meeting unless otherwise authorised by the City of Casey Manager Communications.


Information discussed, received, used or created by the Committee is confidential, unless Council resolves otherwise ("confidential information").

13.1 Non Disclosure

  • A Committee member must not disclose, discuss or make public confidential information, unless authorised by the Manager Community Strengthening.
  • Members must sign and abide by a ‘Confidentiality Protocol’ before attending their first Committee meeting (see attached).

13.2 Restriction of Use

  • A Committee member must not photocopy or in any way record, retain, or reproduce confidential information, unless authorised by the Manager Community Strengthening.
  • A Committee member must not permit any person who is not a member of the Committee to view, read, photocopy, make notes of or in any way record confidential information, unless authorised by the Manager Community Strengthening.

13.3 Breach of Confidentiality

  • The City of Casey, by resolution of Council, may terminate a Committee member’s term for breaching the confidentiality rules.