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Working within the road reserve permit

This page/form is the updated version of apply for a road opening permit. Please make sure to review the entire page as changes have been made to the service.

A working within the road reserve permit (formerly road opening) is required for builders, contractors/road managers or public utilities to carry out excavation within road reserves.

All new Legal point of discharge connections (LPOD) require a working within the road reserve permit including any easement connections. 

Types of works that require a permit

A working within the road reserve permit is required for works such as:

  • Water tapping – connecting a house to the water main
  • Stormwater connections (LPOD)  – plumber/drainer connecting house downpipes to council stormwater pipes or pits
  • Sewerage connection – connecting a house to main sewerage lines
  • Roadside excavation constructing service road or slip lane
  • Laying of stormwater pipes to existing drainage
  • Laying of water mains – usually associated with subdivision
  • Public utility requiring a consent permit
  • General / other works within the road reserve.

Approval is required when any excavation is being completed within a road reserve (from the building line on one side of the street to the building line on the other side) such as the installation and maintenance of utilities.

The requirements for obtaining a working within the road reserve consent are determined by Vic Roads. Their website provides detailed information to help determine if a consent application is required. 

Application requirements 

Permits can only be obtained by

  • builders
  • public utility managers
  • road managers/ contractors*

 *A road manager is the contractor/road manager who is the person or body responsible for conducting the works. Where the applicant is not the road manager, the road manager must be nominated.

Insurance cover 

The contractor/road manager must be fully insured with a minimum of $20 million Public Liability Insurance.

Supporting documents 

The following documents must also be supplied with an application:

  •  A copy of your Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance Policy with a minimum cover amount of $20 million.
  • Traffic Management Plan.
  • Approved plans clearly indicating the work being undertaken – site plan and construction drawings
  • Approved Drainage Plans and Point of Discharge approval (for the works involving a stormwater connection).
  •  Endorsed Town Planning approved plans if related to a town planning permit (not including vehicle crossing) ie. Construction of new path or pram crossing.

Note: Council will review your application within 10 working days. Works must not commence prior to receiving consent. Performing works in a road reserve without  Council's consent may result in a penalty being issued. 

Traffic Management Plans

You will need a Traffic Management Plan for works within the road reserve (which includes the nature strip, footpath, kerb, channel and roadway). Where Control Devices are proposed to be temporarily installed a Vic Roads memorandum of Authorisation (MOA) is required to also be provided.

A TMP considers how the work will impact others in the area (workers, motorists, pedestrians and residents) and ensures the appropriate steps are taken to ensure the work is completed safely.

Does Council provide approval for a Traffic Management Plan (TMP)?

Traffic management plans are reviewed in the decision to providing consent for works under a working within the road reserve permit.

Council does not endorse Traffic management plans; all applicants should seek out a suitably qualified traffic management plan consultant for the design. 

It is the road managers (person/s conducting the works) responsibility to ensure the traffic management plan is in line with the Road Safety Act 1986 and Road management Act 2004 any other Act relevant to the works being undertaken in place at the time of the works. 

The road manager is responsible for undertaking regular site audits during the works to ensure compliance with the TMP. 

Road ownership

If the road you’re working on is managed by VicRoads, you will need to ensure you meet VicRoads’ requirements for traffic management. To find out which authority manages the road you’re working on, visit Council’s Public Road Register or VicRoads.

If there are changes to the works from the original application, you must notify Council before commencing any works.

Permit fee & bond

The fee and bond (if required) must be paid by the contractor, builder or company that holds the Public Liability insurance.

A security bond is required (excluding laying of water mains with a ‘Confirmation of Annual Contract’ letter from South East Water). For more information on the security bond and how to reclaim it, please see Apply for Working within the Road Reserve final inspection & Bond return page.

The associated consent fee is set by the Victorian Government. The fee amount depends on the road classification, speed limit and work type.  

Fees are calculated in accordance with the Road Management (Works and Infrastructure) Regulations 2005 Fee Schedule. 

Fees and Definitions of Works and Minor Works can be found within the Road management (Works and Infrastructure) Regulations 2015.

  Works (other than minor works conducted by a person that are traffic impact works) Minor works conducted by a person that are traffic impact works
  On roadway, shoulder or pathway Not on roadway, shoulder or pathway On roadway, shoulder or pathway Not on roadway, shoulder or pathway

Municipal Roads, speed over 50km/h

43.1 fee units $685.30

23.5 fee units $373.70

9.3 fee units $147.90

6 fee units

Municipal Roads, speed under 50km/h

23.5 fee units $373.70

6 fee units  $95.40

9.3 fee units $147.90

6 fee units $95.40

  Single Connection Point Multiple Connection Points

Storm Water Connection in Easement NOT in road reserve

9.3 fee units


23.5 fee units


Hold and Witness Point Inspections

Call Council on (03) 9705 5272  to request an inspection when the site is ready as per your permit conditions. Three (3) business days' notice is required and bookings are subject to availability.

For all general enquiries contact Council customer service on (03) 9705 5200.

How to apply

Alert iconApplying for your working with the road reserve permit online is the quickest way to receive your permit. Apply online to receive your permit via email within 10 working days.

Apply online

If you can't apply online,  you can use the downloadable version of the working within the road reserve application form.

Where works are within the road reserve, you also need a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) to obtain a permit.

Submit your application:

What happens next

Once your form and payment have been received, your application will be assessed and you will be notified of an outcome within 10 business days.

You must not commence the work until consent has been provided. 

Permit information

  • Your approval is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. 
  • If there are changes to the works from the original application, you must notify Council before commencing any works.

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