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Apply to trade on Council footpaths

You need to apply for a street trading permit, if you want to:

  • provide alfresco dining as part of your restaurant
  • put up A-frame or other signs for your business
  • sell goods on the footpath or nature strip

You may also need to apply with VicRoads

While we maintain some roads in Casey, some are under the control of VicRoads. If you want to conduct business on a VicRoads controlled road, you must apply with them before you apply for a Council permit.

To check if the street or public place is Council owned, you can:

If you are serving or selling food or alcohol

If your business sells food, you must make sure you have a food business registration. If you are selling or serving alcohol, you must make sure you have a valid liquor licence.

You must have public liability insurance

You must hold public liability insurance with a minimum of $10 million to receive a permit. The permit must be held in the name of the applicant and contain the following clause:

Obligation to Insure

The Permit Holder shall at all times during the agreed Term, be the holder of a current Public Liability Policy of Insurance (“The Public Liability Policy”) in respect of the activities specified herein in the name of the Permit Holder providing coverage for a minimum sum of $10M (or more). The Public Liability Policy shall cover such risks and be subject only to such conditions and exclusions as are approved by the Council and shall extend to cover the Council in respect to claims for personal injury or property damage arising out of the negligence of the Permit holder.

Council's indemnity

The Permit Holder agrees to indemnify and to keep indemnified, the Council, its servants and agents, and each of them from and against all actions, costs, claims, charges, expenses, penalties, demands and damages whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against them, or any of them, in connection with the Permit Holders performance or purported performance of its obligations under this Permit and be directly related to the negligent acts, errors or omission of the Permit Holder.

The Permit Holders liability to indemnify the Council shall be reduced proportionally to the extent that any act or omission of the Council, its servants or agents, contributed to the loss or liability.

You must provide a site plan that meets the permit conditions

We will only approve a permit if your footpath trading meets the permit conditions. These conditions are designed to make sure the footpath remains safe and usable for pedestrians.

Use our template to draw a site plan

You must provide a site plan that illustrates how you will use Council's footpath or nature strip. Your site plan must show how you will meet the conditions of the permit. The application form has a template which you can complete and submit.


Application fee

There is a $127.50 non-refundable application fee for each application.

Chairs and tables

If your permit is approved, you must pay $120 for each setting you have on the footpath. A setting is 1 table and 4 chairs.

Apply for a permit

To apply for a permit, please complete the relevant sections of the Street Trading Permit Application Form.

If you wish to pay by credit card, please also complete a Credit Card Authorisation Form.

You can submit your completed application:

What happens next

  • We will consider your application. If we need more information, we will contact you.
  • We may need to arrange an inspection of your premises. We will contact you to arrange a suitable time.
  • If the inspection is satisfactory, we will approve your permit within 7 business days.
  • In most cases additional permit fees apply. If your permit is approved, we will send you an invoice for the permit fees. After you pay this invoice, we will issue your permit.

Renew your permit

All permits are valid for 12 months. It is your responsibility to renew your permit when it is about to expire. To renew your permit, please contact us

You cannot transfer your permit

Permits cannot be transferred if a business has been sold. If you have recently purchased a business that had a street trading permit, you must apply for a new permit.