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Apply for a road opening permit

A Road Opening permit is needed for Council’s authorisation for plumbers or builders to carry out intrusive digging in the City of Casey.

A Road Opening permit ensures that the work meets an appropriate standard and protects Council’s assets.

Approval is required when any excavation is being done within a road reserve (from the building line on one side of the street to the building line on the other side) such as the installation and maintenance of utilities.

An approval is also required for digging works inside a property yard, such as digging for water or stormwater pipes.

In some cases, you may also need a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) to obtain a permit.

Work which requires a Road Opening Permit

Road Opening Permits are required for work including:

  • Water tapping – connecting a house to the water main
  • Stormwater connections – plumber/drainer connecting house downpipes to Council stormwater pipes or pits
  • Sewerage connection – connecting a house to main sewerage lines
  • Roadside excavation constructing service road or slip lane
  • Laying of stormwater pipes to existing drainage
  • Laying of water mains – usually associated with subdivision

Applying for a permit

  • Only Plumbers and building contractors are eligible to apply for a Road Opening Approval.
  • Plumbers and builders applying for a Road Opening Approval will need to provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance Policy that covers claims of at least $20 million.

Property owners cannot apply for approval as property owners do not hold liability insurance and therefore are not covered if damage occurs because of the works.

Performing a road opening without a Council permit is illegal and you may receive a fine.

Permit fees

The fee and bond (if required) must be paid by the plumber, builder or company who holds the Public Liability insurance.

There are two payments required with your application:

  • A non-refundable approval application fee: $210 (GST incl.)
  • A Minimum security bond: $1000 (excluding stormwater connections within the property boundary or laying of water mains with a ‘Confirmation of Annual Contract’ letter from South East Water).

For detailed information on fees, download this document.

For more information on the security bond and how to reclaim it, please see Security bond

How to apply

Apply Online

If you can't apply online

What happens next

  • Once your form and payment have been received, you will receive a reply email from Council.
  • If you are required to have a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for the works, complete the TMP Submission Form. Post this form to Council or email it to
  • Council will contact you with the outcome of your application within 3 business days.

Security bond

Complete the Bond return request for Road Opening application when you have completed the work. Council will then inspect the site.

If the works are found to be completed to Council’s standard following this inspection, the bond will be returned to the applicant via cheque or EFTPOS.

If Council’s inspection identifies any damage to Council assets, Council will request that the appropriate work be carried out to meet Council’s requirements.

In some cases, Council will repair the damage at the permit holder’s expense.

Traffic Management Plans

You will need a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) if the work is in the road reserve (which includes the nature strip, footpath, kerb, channel and street).

A TMP considers how the work will impact others in the area (workers, motorists, pedestrians and residents) and ensures the appropriate steps are taken to ensure the work is completed safely.

To see the requirements of your TMP based on your digging work, view the road opening permit application form.

If the road you’re working on is managed by VicRoads instead of Council, you will need to ensure you meet VicRoads’ requirements for traffic management.

To find out which authority manages the road you’re working on, visit Council’s Public Road Register or VicRoads.

Permit information

Your approval is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. For example, if your approval was issued on the 16th of June 2018, you have until 15th of June 2019 to commence works.

If you require a TMP, you should allow up to 3 business days. The permit is the receipt of payment and should be received within this time before you start the work.

For all other work not requiring a TMP, you may commence work once you have submitted your application and paid your permit fee and bond (if required) to Council.

If there are changes to the works from the original application, you must notify Council before commencing any works.

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