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Apply to burn-off


We issue permits to burn for:

  • fire prevention purposes (such as removing trees and bushes that could be dangerous in the event of an oncoming fire)
  • agricultural purposes for properties in a bushfire prone area or subject to bushfire management overlay

We usually do not issue permits for residents in built-up urban areas. If you have a lot of rubbish you need to dispose of, you can:

Apply for a permit

To apply for a permit to burn, please complete the online
Permit to Burn application form
(Please note, this form does not work in Internet Explorer, please open in any other browser. The form works best in Google Chrome)

We're working on this form, so please also note the following:

  • Do not fill in the CFA Brigade field.
  • Do not enter the burn size in hectares as specified. Use the format length m x width m x height m. (Example 3m x 2m x 2m)

If you can't complete the online form, complete the Permit to Burn application form.

You can submit the form:

What happens next

  • We will consider your application. We may need to refer to other departments of Council for assessment.
  • We may need to conduct an inspection of your property. If required, we will contact you to arrange an inspection at a suitable time.
  • If approved, we will post or email the permit to you within 10 business days. If declined, we will contact you. You can appeal this decision by writing to the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer.
  • Your permit will include when and how you are permitted to burn. You must follow the conditions on your permit.

Burning off during the CFA fire danger period

The CFA declares the fire danger period each year to stop bushfires from starting.

Check the CFA website for the latest updates on the fire danger period in Casey.

If you wish to burn on your property during this period, you must apply for a fire permit with the CFA.

You cannot burn off on CFA total fire ban days

During a CFA total fire ban day, you cannot burn anything on your property. You are not permitted to burn even if you have a permit from the CFA or from Council.

Visit the CFA website to find out if there is a fire ban today.

Burning off at any other time

If you plan to burn at any time that does not fall within the CFA fire danger period, you need a permit from Council. We control the amount of burning off that takes place for environmental, fire safety and health reasons.

Important requirements

You must be the landowner or have their approval

You must be the land owner of the property where the burn will take place.

If you are not the land owner, you must get their permission and provide their name and contact details on your application.

    What you cannot burn

    You cannot burn any of the following:

    • rubber or plastic, including tyres
    • treated or painted timber
    • petroleum, oil or hydrocarbon based substances
    • paint or receptacles that contained paint
    • manufactured chemicals
    • materials that contain asbestos
    • food waste
    • wet and/or green vegetation or anything else that would cause excessive smoke
    • anything that would cause offensive odours
    • noxious substances

    You must provide a site plan

    You must provide a site plan that illustrates where your burn will take place and any buildings nearby. The application form has a template which you must complete and submit.

    You can include any photographs that support your application.



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