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Apply for adjoining land owner details - protection works

An owner who is proposing building work has obligations under the Building Act 1993 to protect adjoining property from potential damage from this work.

If building work is close to or adjacent to adjoining property boundaries, then an owner may be required to carry out protection works in respect of that adjoining property.

This is to ensure that the adjoining property is not affected or damaged by the proposed building work. (works can include excavations and building up of soil, retaining walls).

Where an application for a building permit for the proposed works has been submitted and the relevant Building Surveyor has determined that Protection Works are required, you may apply to Council for land ownership details by completing the attached application should contact details not otherwise be determined.

How to apply

Download and complete the Application for Adjoining Land Owner Details form.

Please submit the application form:

What happens next

Council will aim to provide a written response within 5 business days.

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