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Animal foster care

Animal foster carers are volunteers who take care of an animal until it's ready to be rehomed. Under the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Act 2017, voluntary animal foster carers may register with their local Council.

The Act limits foster care to a maximum of five dogs or cats per household. A litter under 16 weeks old counts as a single animal. The limit does not apply to permanent pets owned by the foster carer registered with Council.

Each dog and cat in foster care must:

  • Be microchipped and registered with Council if they are over three months old.
  • Wear their Council registration tag when outside the property where they live.
  • Be confined to the house/yard – they cannot stray.
  • Not cause a nuisance (e.g. excess barking).

If you want to register as an animal foster carer, please contact Council. We will discuss the requirements and permits needed.

Please note: foster carers must be over 18 years old.

Animal foster application form

Permit requirements

  • $55 permit fee
  • Supporting documentation from the organisation you are fostering from
  • Foster carers with a combination of more than five foster dogs and cats (or equal) need an Excess Animal Permit
  • You must register all animals over three months.


Animal registration fees

Animal registration fees are reduced for foster carers during the first 12 months the dog or cat is in their care. These fees are: 

  • $8.00 for dogs and cats
  • $4.00 for dogs and cats if on a valid pension


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