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Amstel Golf Course


The former Amstel Golf Course site is located Cranbourne, south west of the Cranbourne - Frankston and Hall Road intersection. 

map of Amstel Golf Course Development Plan

Planning for Amstel Golf Course

  • Schedule 13 to the Development Plan Overlay (DPO13) applies to the site.
  • DPO13 came into effect following the gazettal of Planning Scheme Amendment C205 in the Casey Planning scheme. This schedule provides guidance for residential development that will take place on site.
  • The General Residential Zone (GRZ) and Schedule 1 to the Residential Zone applies to all land within the site.
  • The site is separated into three areas. See the Amstel Concept Development Plan shown below.
  • Two Development Plans apply to the site:
  • Amstel Golf Club Residential Area Development Plan

More information

For any other enquiries relating to Collison Estate, please contact City Planning: