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Aged and Disability Service Delivery Review

A review is currently being undertaken on the Community Care Unit that delivers the City of Casey’s aged and disability services. The purpose of this review is to enable the City of Casey to make an informed decision about its role in delivering aged and disability services in to the future. The aged and disability service delivery review (or ‘the review’) is in response to the Commonwealth reforms in the aged and disability sectors.

The Commonwealth Aged and Disability Reforms

The Commonwealth Government began introducing changes to the aged and disability sectors in 2015 as a result of findings that indicated:

  • the aged care system is difficult to navigate, the quality of service providers varied, there is limited choice and high costs
  • that the aged care system will struggle to keep up with the demands of an ageing population
  • the disability system was inadequate and not working.

The aims of the Commonwealth Aged and Disability Reforms are to:

  • enhance consumer choice and control
  • simplify the entry points and how consumers navigate the systems, and
  • make services more competitive, innovative and efficient.

City of Casey aged and disability service delivery review

Victorian Councils are exploring how to respond to the Commonwealth reforms.  At this stage the specific details of the changes are unknown.  In preparation, Council is undertaking a review that will explore options and determine the best possible outcome for community members who are aged and/or living with a disability.

The review is driven by:

  • the needs of older residents and people living with a disability now and into the future
  • the availability of service providers to meet the community’s needs, and
  • whether community members have access to the services and supports they need to live the life they want to live.

The review will engage with community members through a community reference group. This will ensure the needs, experiences and concerns of the community are understood and incorporated into the review.

Guiding principle

Guiding the review will be the principle that ‘no-one will be left behind’.  The City of Casey will ensure that all aged people and people with a disability will have access to supports and services. This includes the most vulnerable and marginalised City of Casey community members.

Time frames for the review

2019   Review to occur
Late 2019       Recommendations made to Council to decide which service activities Community Care might remain in, which might transition to another provider and which may cease
Late 2019/ early 2020 Planning will commence to implement the Council-endorsed decision
2020       Implementation


If you have any questions about the review, please contact the City of Casey on 9705 5444.