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Aged and disability care services and programs

Find out about the different services and programs available to older people and people with disabilities.

We can work with you to keep your home clean and safe.
We provide assistance on a range of practical general maintenance type tasks around the home. We are unable to assist with tasks that require a qualified tradesperson.
We can provide free, short-term counselling and life coaching support to help you.
The MetroAccess and Inclusive Communities programs bring together individuals, communities and government to enhance opportunities for people with disabilities.
We can work with you to provide assistance with managing personal care tasks like having a shower or getting dressed.
We can provide Respite Care at home or in the community for people who are caring for an older person or a person with a disability.
If you would like to try new activities, meet new people and engage with the community, we have a range of activities you can join.
The Volunteer Transport team aims to assist you to remain independent and actively involved in the community.
Council supports a number of inter-generational programs where children, young people and senior members of the community spend quality time together.

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