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Accommodation businesses

Before you register an accommodation business. Fees and charges. Inspections of accommodation businesses. Register a new accommodation business. Transfer an existing registration. Renew an accommodation business registration.

If your accommodation business will accommodate more than 4 people, you need to register with Council. You should also consult with our Building and Planning departments as you may need other permits.
Our Environmental Health Officers will conduct yearly inspections of all prescribed accommodation premises in Casey. We will conduct inspections at any time during business hours. We also inspect accommodation businesses before they are registered.
Find out how to register your new accommodation business in Casey.
The fees to register an accommodation business vary depending on how many people can stay at your premises.
You must renew your accommodation business registration each year. Use our online portal to renew your registration, pay fees and update any changes to your business details.
If you are looking to purchase an existing accommodation business, you must transfer the business's registration to yourself.

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