Stormwater drainage network

Council is responsible for public stormwater drains when the catchment is smaller than 60 hectares - an area about 30 times the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

We currently maintain a network with approximately 1,850 kilometre of pipes and 70,000 pits. If our drainage pipes were placed end to end they would stretch from Melbourne to Brisbane.

The size of our drainage network continues to grow each month as Casey develops.

Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water is responsible for the public stormwater drains in catchments larger than 60 hectares.

Melbourne Water maintains a network of approximately 300 kilometres of pipes and over 600km of open channels and waterways within Casey.

The Melbourne Water drains receive stormwater from the Council network and carry it to our rivers and creeks that run to Port Phillip Bay or Western Port.

For further information visit the Melbourne Water website - Drainage System.

Private Drainage

Each property owner is responsible for their own private drains. This includes the drains within the property that collect stormwater from the roof gutters and hard surfaces as well the outlet pipe connecting the property drains to a Council drain or the kerb and channel in the street.

Issues with private drains should be addressed by a licensed plumber. Council will not repair blocked private drains.