Traffic Management Plan

Procedure for Submitting Traffic Management Plans for consent


Schedule 7 of the Road Management Act places the responsibility to obtain consent from The Coordinating Road Authority, upon any persons undertaking works within a road reserve.

The City of Casey, in giving its consent to such works, includes the requirement to submit both a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and Council’s Traffic Management Plan Submission Form (115kb), for assessment when making an application for such consent.

Traffic Management Plans (Assessment)

Traffic Management Plans should be submitted a minimum of 3 working days prior to works being undertaken to provide Council sufficient time to consider the works, coordinate with any other works in the area, register and return the TMP. Or, if necessary, request further information.

The City of Casey, will assess all applications to conduct works within a road reserve based on the traffic management principles, as set out in the Road Management Act 2004 “Worksite Safety – Traffic Management” Code Of Practice and AS 1742.3 - 2002 Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, but this by no means places any responsibility for the effectiveness of traffic management being implemented by any independent works managers / contractors upon The City of Casey.

Consideration will also be given to the network characteristics of the local area as part of the assessment.

Traffic Management Plans (Consent)

All submitted traffic management plans will be allocated a City of Casey TMP number. All acceptable plans will be stamped with their allocated TMP number and then returned to the applicant. It is then a requirement that this numbered TMP and the relevant submission forms be kept onsite at all times whilst works are being undertaken and forms part of any consent given.

If a TMP fails to comply with any requirements, the plan will be allocated a TMP number, noting “Rejected” and returned to the persons making application detailing any issues relative to the rejection, a copy will be placed on file with any works starting dates noted for audit purposes. For any subsequently accepted “revised” TMP’s for the works, the working copy will have “Accepted” noted on it and a fax stating this shall be forwarded to the applicant.

Where a written authorisation, or consent for the erection of certain traffic control devices is required from Vic Roads, then this also will be included as part of Council’s requirements of consent.

Address for submissions
City of Casey
PO Box 1000

On-Site Auditing of TMP’s

Casey’s Traffic Management Plans Officer will conduct random traffic management audits of works being undertaken on any of Casey’s road assets. These audits will be conducted using the checklist as set out in the code.


Where works are being conducted by any organisation or authority, independent to the City of Casey and these works are deemed to be not complying with Council requirements regarding;

  • Notification to conduct works;
  • Obtaining consent to conduct works; and / or
  • neffective traffic management is observed on a worksite within a road reserve for which Casey is the coordinating road authority;

These works may be stopped pending immediate rectification of any actions required by the actioning officer and a “Corrective Action / Improvement Notice” will be issued onsite or emailed/faxed directly to the contractor conducting the works.

All “Corrective Action / Improvement Notices” are to include an agreed upon follow up inspection date (if applicable), whereby the works manager / contractor can show proof of actions taken in compliance to the Notice.

How to submit Traffic Management Forms and Plans


Contact Customer Service on 9705 5200

9796 9544

City of Casey
PO Box 1000