Caseyville, The Community Safety Game is an education resource, targeting toward primary students, that recognises the value of using art as a successful learning tool.

The game addresses community safety with the aim of teaching students at a young age to foster community responsibility towards crime and injury prevention. This is the first safety game of its type, and is available for use at primary schools throughout Casey.

Four colours adorn each side of the game mat representing a different safety theme: red - fire safety; blue - water safety; yellow - road safety; and green - play safe. Children are grouped into these four teams along each side.

Curriculum Standards Framework

In the school setting, Caseyville, the Community Safety Game, is intended to provide a resource for classroom learning. The Health and Physical Education (HAPE) and Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE) Curriculum Standards Framework clearly identify safety themes at all levels. Identifying ways in which people can improve physical and social environments, influences on people and personal behaviours to enhance health and safety are learning outcomes at this level.

Caseyville, the Community Safety Game can be used either pre or post other safety studies or programs, as a stand-alone activity to explore community safety issues or as a reward for end of safety theme study.

Caseyville game format

  • 3m x 3m board game
  • Designed for schools, community based youth groups such as scouts, guides and junior fire brigades, indoor usage
  • Free use within the municipality - a small fee applies if required outside Casey
  • Transported easily

Booking Caseyville

Caseyville is available for hire through the Community Safety team at the City of Casey.  

More information

For more information visit the Caseyville website.