Road management plan

Responsible Department: Engineering & Asset Management

The objective of the Road Management Plan is to clearly define:

  • the road assets the Council maintains on behalf of the community,
  • the standards, policies and procedures used to maintain those assets, and
  • the processes used to establish the appropriate standards

The Road Management Plan was last reviewed on 15 August 2017.

It is a requirement of the Road Management (General) Regulations 2016 that a written report summarising the findings and conclusions of the review be made available for copying or inspection and the 20 June 2017 Council report (Building and Managing Casey's Assets, Item 6.16) is available at the Agenda's and Council Minutes section of the website. 

The Road Management Plan was last amended on 15 August 2017.

View the Road Management Plan.

Roadside Weed Management Plan

The City of Casey is committed to the management of roadside vegetation through the use of weed control and prevention programs.

For more information, download the Roadside Weed Plan (2mb).