2017/18 Capital Works projects in your Ward

Below is a list of projects happening in each Ward in 2017-18:

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Balla Balla Ward

  • New Eliburn Family and Community Centre, Cranbourne East ($4.5m)

  • Renewal and upgrade works at Warneet Yacht Club, Warneet ($700,000)
  • Construction of Bayview Road, Tooradin ($480,000)
  • Commence development of a new family and community centre in Clyde ($300,000)
  • Commence design for the development of Regional Community Soccer Precinct at Casey Fields, Cranbourne East ($300,000)
  • Renewal works to tennis pavilions at Glover Recreation Reserve, Devon Meadows ($285,000) and Morning Mist Reserve, Cranbourne South ($270,000)
  • Oval surface renewal at Tooradin Recreation Reserve, Tooradin ($234,500)
  • Footpath improvements across the Balla Balla Ward ($264,212)
  • Upgrade synthetic green at Cranbourne Bowls Club, Cranbourne ($150,000)
  • Improvements to the playground at Eric Reserve, Pearcedale ($156,000)
  • Development works and landscaping at Junction Village Recreation Reserve, Junction Village ($150,000)
  • Tooradin Township streetscape works, Tooradin ($50,000)
  • Consultation and design for a skate park in Blind Bight ($10,000) and upgrade of the Blind Bight Reserve playground ($10,000)

Edrington Ward

  • Continued construction to complete the Selandra Integrated Community Centre, Clyde North, ($2m)

  • New synthetic soccer pitch and upgrade of flood lighting at Sweeney Reserve, Berwick ($1.4m)
  • Improvements at the Old Cheese Factory, Berwick including new woodworkers building ($448,800) and new toilet block/community space ($45,000)
  • Commence design for the development of a new family and community centre in Clyde North ($397,000)
  • Footpath improvements across Edrington Ward ($352,030)
  • Synthetic bowling green replacement at Edwin Flack Bowls Green, Berwick ($200,000)
  • Renewal of Kingsmere Drive playground, Berwick ($170,000)
  • Improvements to the road network including Jane Street, from Ambelside Crescent to Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Berwick ($180,000) and the South Side Shopping Centre Car Park, Berwick ($104,000)
  • Exercise stations at Berwick Springs Wetland Reserve, Narre Warren South, ($44,000)
  • Commence design for the renewal, refurbishment and upgrade of Sweeney Reserve Softball Pavilion, Berwick ($30,000)

Four Oaks Ward

  • Development of rugby field at Frog Hollow Reserve, Endeavour Hills ($1.4m)

  • Significant renewal of James Cook Kindergarten and Community Room, Endeavour Hills ($670,000)
  • Continue community consultation and commence master plan works at the Old Narre Warren North Landfill site (Bayview Park) ($500,000)
  • Footpath improvements across Four Oaks Ward ($373,984)
  • Continued construction to complete the new tennis pavilion at Sydney Parkinson Reserve, Endeavour Hills ($300,000)
  • Stage 2 redevelopment at Endeavour Hills Skate Centre, Endeavour Hills ($200,000)
  • Floodlighting at Kalora Park Oval, Narre Warren North ($182,043)
  • Road improvements across the Four Oaks Ward including Aldridge Street from Power Road to end, Endeavour Hills ($445,000) and Cardigan Street, from Griffiths Street to Aldridge Court, Endeavour Hills ($126,000), and resealing of John Fawkner Drive, from James Cook Drive to Heatherton Road, Endeavour Hills ($235,000) and Fox Road, from Narre Warren North Road to Belgrave Hallam Road, Narre Warren North ($144,000)
  • Commence design for the development of the new district level soccer pavilion at Jack Thomas Reserve, Narre Warren North ($100,000)
  • Playground renewal at Harry Oakes Reserve, Narre Warren ($52,000)
  • Commence project planning for Barry Simon Reserve, Endeavour Hills ($25,000)

Mayfield Ward

  • Establishment of a regional gymnastics and multi indoor sports facility at the Terry Vickerman Indoor Sports Centre in Cranbourne East ($2.57m)

  • Development of district AFL/cricket reserve at Hunt Club Estate, Cranbourne East ($1.92m)
  • Continued development of the Barton Recreation Reserve District Soccer and Cricket facility, Cranbourne West ($1.2m)
  • Completion of expansion and upgrade works at basketball and netball courts, Terry Vickerman Indoor Sports Centre, Cranbourne East ($1.2m)
  • Pavilion renewal J & P Camm Reserve, Cranbourne ($440,000), as well as installation of floodlighting ($87,957)
  • Footpath improvements across Mayfield Ward ($417,895)
  • Commence design for the development of the Cranbourne West Integrated Community Centre, Cranbourne West ($384,358)
  • New oval floodlights at Lawson Poole Reserve, Cranbourne ($330,000)
  • Renewal of Bowen Street Children’s Centre, Cranbourne ($250,000) and upgrade to Carlisle Park Children’s Centre and Community Room, Cranbourne ($60,000)
  • Rehabilitation of roads including Bowen Street, from South Gippsland Highway to end, Cranbourne ($465,000) and Camms Road, from South Gippsland Highway to Cranbourne Narre/Warren Road, Cranbourne ($335,000)
  • Construction of a half-court basketball court at Marriott Waters Reserve, Lyndhurst ($50,000)
  • Commence design for the upgrade of the pavilion for soccer, cricket and football at Lawson Poole Reserve, Cranbourne ($38,800)

River Gum Ward

  • Commence construction of the new Autumn Place Family and Community Centre, Doveton ($3.2m)

  • Upgrade of netball courts at Olive Reserve, Eumemmerring ($1.55m)
  • Implementation of Urban Heart Park at Autumn Place Shopping Centre, Doveton ($1m) and lighting upgrade at Autumn Place ($50,000)
  • Renewal of Waratah Reserve Soccer Pavilion, Eumemmerring ($800,000)
  • Footpath improvements across River Gum Ward ($417,895)
  • Landscape improvements including WSUD at Hampton Park Community House, Hampton Park ($558,000)
  • Robert Booth Reserve football and cricket pavilion renewal, Hampton Park ($385,000)
  • Construction of additional netball court with flood lighting at Robinson Reid Recreation Reserve, Doveton ($294,000)
  • Playground renewal at Ern Barker Reserve Playground, Hallam ($170,000) and Kevin Adlard Reserve Playground, Doveton ($53,000)
  • Renewal of roads across Rivergum Ward including Floriana Avenue to Cootamundra Street, Doveton ($228,000) and Kingfisher Drive, from Floriana Avenue to end, Doveton ($158,000)
  • Conversion of netball courts to tennis courts at Hallam Reserve, Hallam ($56,500)

Springfield Ward

  • Continued construction of Bunjil Place ($17.2m)

  • Redevelopment of Strathaird Drive Children’s Centre and Community Room, Narre Warren South ($2.6m)
  • Pavilion renewal, refurbishment and upgrades at Sweeney Reserve Football Pavilion, Narre Warren ($475,000)
  • Strathaird Reserve Irrigation and Drainage System Upgrade, Narre Warren South ($180,000)
  • Development of Urban Design Framework for Narre Warren Village ($100,000)
  • Playground improvements at Pepper Park Playground, Narre Warren South ($52,000) and Sherwood Park Playground, Narre Warren South ($52,000)
  • Footpath improvements across the Springfield Ward ($373,984)
  • Road resealing along sections of Centre Road, Narre Warren South ($200,000) and Tinks Road, Narre Warren ($136,000)
  • Commence design for the development of skate park at Casey Central Town Park, Narre Warren South ($13,100)