Capital works projects in your Ward

Below is a list of projects happening in each Ward in 2016-17:

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Balla Balla Ward

  • Construction of the Bradman Drive Reserve Soccer and Cricket Recreation Facility ($3.6 M) Cranbourne West
  • Construction of the new Selandra Rise Integrated Community Centre ($2.7 M) Clyde North
  • Road sealing at Smiths Lane, Cranbourne South ($1.4 M) North Road, Devon Meadows ($2.3 M) and Craig Road, Devon Meadows ($2.4 M)
  • Construction of the new Eliburn Family and Community Centre ($1 M) Cranbourne East
  • Improvements at Rutter Park Recreation Reserve ($932,000) and Tooradin Recreation Reserve ($453,000) Tooradin
  • Landscaping works at Yannathan Street Conservation Reserve ($340,000) Tooradin
  • Upgrades at Casey Fields including ground improvements ($50,000), landscape works ($25,000), construction of paths ($40,000), and a new shared use pavilion at the cycling precinct ($292,000) Cranbourne East
  • Development of equestrian trails at various locations in Pearcedale and Cranbourne South ($130,000)

Edrington Ward

  • Upgrade of the hockey pitch at Berwick Secondary College ($600,000) Berwick

  • Extension and improvement works at Bridgewater Children’s Centre ($475,000) Berwick

  • Road resealing and improvements at Gardiner Street ($355,000) and Paternostor Lane ($75,000) Berwick

  • Linking pathways along Wilson Street ($50,000) and Clyde Road ($300,000) Berwick

  • Upgrades to various footpaths across Edrington Ward ($336,000)

  • Improvements  and minor capital works at Old Cheese Factory  ($230,000) and Wilson Botanic Park Berwick ($50,000) Berwick

  • Restoration works at Bryn Mawr Boulevard bridge ($95,000) Berwick

  • Installation of electronic speed signs at the school crossing on O'Shea Road near Bridgewater Boulevard ($95,000) Berwick

  • Design development for the renewal of Berwick Leisure Centre ($30,000) Berwick

Four Oaks Ward

  • Road resealing at various locations across Four Oaks Ward ($1 M)

  • A new tennis pavilion and improvements at Sydney Parkinson Reserve ($906,000) Endeavour Hills

  • Upgrades to the sports grounds and facilities at Sydney Pargeter Reserve ($600,000) Endeavour Hills

  • Improvements to the Oatlands Children's Centre and Community Room, Narre Warren ($350,000) Hartley Ridge Kindergarten, Endeavour Hills ($275,000) and Maramba Kindergarten, Narre Warren ($55,000)

  • Construction of a shared path connecting Frog Hollow Reserve to Lysterfield Lake Regional Park ($200,000) Endeavour Hills

  • Landscaping works at Kurll Park, Narre Warren North ($50,000) Frog Hollow Reserve, Endeavour Hills ($110,000) and along Heatherton Road, Narre Warren North ($170,000)

  • Upgrades to the playground at Penhurst Peserve ($50,000) Narre Warren

  • On-street parking improvements at Memorial Drive, Narre Warren ($150,000) and design of a new car park and lookout at Hallam North Road, Endeavour Hills ($50,000)

Mayfield Ward

  • Expansion and upgrade of basketball and netball courts at Casey Indoor Leisure Centre ($7.4 M) Cranbourne East

  • Redevelopment of the Terry Vickerman Building to deliver gymnastics, netball and indoor sports ($1 M) Cranbourne East

  • Intersection upgrade at Heather Grove and Casey Fields Boulevard ($2.7 M) Cranbourne East

  • Improvements to facilities at Casey RACE ($1 M) Cranbourne East

  • Improvements at Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre ($900,000) Cranbourne

  • Playground renewals across Cranbourne ($305,000) as well as improvements at The Shed, The Factory and the Casey Safety Village ($43,500) Cranbourne East 

  • Road resealing and improvements across Mayfield Ward ($770,000)

  • Landscaping work at Cranbourne Library, Cranbourne East ($25,000) Carlisle Park Reserve Cranbourne North ($80,000) and Cranbourne Town Centre precinct ($100,000)

River Gum Ward

  • Road resealing at numerous locations across River Gum Ward ($1.1 M)

  • Building improvements at Hallam Recreation Reserve ($10,000) Doveton Neighbourhood Learning Centre ($10,000) and John Pandazopoulos Hall ($750,000) Doveton

  • Improvements to KM Reedy Cricket Pavilion ($500,000) and KM Soccer Pavilion ($350,000) Hampton Park

  • Upgrade works to Power Road Reserve Soccer Pavilion ($500,000) Doveton

  • Playground renewal Mark Court Reserve, Hampton Park ($45,000), Redfern Reserve, Eumemmerring ($50,000) and Gunns Road Reserve in Hallam ($170,000)

  • Upgrades and extension works at Hallam Children’s Centre ($220,000) Hallam

  • New lighting at Robert Booth Reserve ($150,000) Hampton Park and design for upgrading of the netball courts at Olive Road reserve ($75,000) Eumemmerring

  • Development of a new playground at Elliott/Kingsfield Reserve ($50,000) Lynbrook

  • New and improved car parking at Myuna Farm as part of the Master Plan ($135,000) Doveton

Springfield Ward

  • Continued construction of Bunjil Place, including a theatre, library, function space, community plaza, City of Casey Customer Service Centre, multipurpose studio space and art gallery to be opened in 2017 ($82.7 M) Narre Warren  

  • Improvements to facilities at Casey ARC ($983,500) Narre Warren

  • Upgrades at Sweeney Reserve including landscaping, renewal of sports ground surfaces and the refurbishment of the football and cricket pavilion and supplementary oval shelters($732,000) Berwick

  • Landscaping works at Berwick Springs Promenade Reserve, Narre Warren South ($40,000) Ray Bastin Reserve, Narre Warren ($90,000) Casey Central Town Park, Narre Warren South ($225,000) and Fleetwood Recreation Reserve, Narre Warren ($250,000)

  • Playground upgrades at John Byron Reserve, Narre Warren ($45,000) Hilltop Park, Narre Warren South ($45,000) and Ohio Reserve, Narre Warren ($45,000)

  • Road works at Glasscocks Road, Narre Warren South ($180,000), Patrick North East Drive, Narre Warren  ($149,705) and Webb Street, Narre Warren ($144,000)

  • Road resealing at various locations across Springfield Ward ($473,000)