Handling asbestos

Asbestos cement products may be present in any buildings which were constructed up until the late 1980s, in materials like vinyl floor tiles, cement roof sheeting and wall lining.

Householders or businesses unsure if their premises may contain asbestos should act as if it does.

Removing asbestos from homes

A householder may legally remove small amounts of asbestos from their own property.

For up to date information about safely removing asbestos or to find a licensed removalist please visit asbestos.vic.gov.au.  

Removing asbestos from workplaces

Employers have obligations under health and safety laws towards workers and volunteers who are assisting with asbestos removal.

  • Your workplace should have an asbestos register, which details the location of any asbestos and the type (friable or non-friable).
  • If your workplace does not have a register or it is not known whether asbestos is present, removal work must not begin until asbestos is confirmed to be present or not. Alternatively, the material can be treated as asbestos.
  • For workplaces, generally asbestos removal must be carried out by a removalist licenced by WorkSafe Victoria.

Disposing of asbestos

Asbestos is classified as a hazardous material and there are strict EPA guidelines about how it should be packaged, transported and disposed of.

Only sites licensed by the EPA are permitted to accept asbestos waste.

Useful websites

The following websites contain additional information on the safe handling and disposal of materials containing asbestos: