Community Graffiti Removal Kit

The Department of Justice has approved funding to purchase a number of Graffiti Removal Kits that will assist local residents, groups, organisations and businesses, who are not currently covered by the Graffiti Management Program criteria, to have graffiti removed from their premises.

These kits are specifically targeted at members of the community whose property has had graffiti damage and do not currently qualify for free graffiti removal under Council’s criteria.

The provision of these Kits, which are free, will enable Casey to strengthen its graffiti program and engage the community to take ownership of graffiti removal. The business community in particular are encouraged to support Casey’s removal program by removing graffiti vandalism from their own property, using Council provided Graffiti Removal Kits.

There are three types of kits available. The surface that needs cleaning will determine the kit to be used.

 SafeWipes Kit  
  • Removes texta, crayon, biro, and pencil from all hard surfaces
  • Comes in a container which holds 35 wipes.
  • Gloves will be issued with each container of SafeWipes.
 Removal Kit 1  
  • Removes graffiti from painted and sensitive surfaces.
  • Each kit will remove up to eight square metres of graffiti.
 Removal Kit 2  
  • Removes graffiti from masonry and bare brick surfaces.
  • Each kit will remove up to eight square metres of graffiti.

The Graffiti Removal Kits will be made available upon request, and will be collected from Customer Service Centres on an ad-hoc basis. An application form needs to be completed and proof of occupancy provided ie Driver's licence or a bill.

For further information, please contact Council’s Graffiti Project Officer.