Applications for a permit to burn

The City of Casey allows residents to apply for a permit to burn when the activity they wish to undertake is not permitted without approval of a permit.

The purpose of permits is to regulate activities to ensure they do not impact on the safety of the public, create a nuisance or unduly affect the amenity of the area.

During the fire danger period, the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 (CFA Act) requires that a permit to burn is required for all fires in the open air in all areas of the municipality regardless of land size or tenure.

Outside of the fire danger period, City of Casey Community Local Law No.2/2010 requires that residents have a permit to burn from the City of Casey for all fires in the open air in all areas of the municipality regardless of land size or tenure. 

Required legislation

This process is primarily driven by the 'Country Fire Authority Act 1958' (CFA Act), for which the City of Casey has regulatory responsibility to manage permits for fires on private land.

How to apply

The lodgement of an application does not constitute a permit. A permit has not been granted until you receive a written permit, signed by an authorised officer. Allow a minimum of 21 days for the processing of this application.

All permits are null and void on a CFA declared Total Fire Ban (TFB) Day.

Permits to Burn during the Fire Danger Period under the CFA Act are generally issued by local municipalities and may be subject to additional requirements imposed by that municipality. These permits generally apply to the burning of grass, scrub and other vegetation for essential agricultural and industrial purposes.

Permits for lighting fires for other purposes during the Fire Danger Period, for example industrial burning, cutting etc, must be obtained from the CFA website.

The application process

  • Your application will be referred to a Municipal Fire Prevention Officer (MFPO) or their delegate for assessment. The officer may need to undertake a site inspection, and on occasion further site inspections may be required. The officer may ask you for further information and this should be provided in writing including the application number.
  • All burn-offs are to comply with the Environmental Protection Act, 1970.
  • Your neighbours may be notified by the MFPO or their delegate and asked to comment on the application, subject to the nature of the activity.
  • The application may be referred to other departments of Council for assessment.
  • If granted, the permit will be issued, in writing. The permit will include the exact conditions, dates, times etc, and all items must be complied with. On the day, the site may be inspected to ensure compliance and if it is found that the permit has not been complied with, enforcement action including rescinding the permit, issuing infringements and/or prosecution may result.
  • Council may correct, amend or cancel the permit at its discretion.
  • The permit is not transferable without the consent of the issuing officer.
  • Your application may be refused, in which case you will be advised in writing. You can appeal this decision by writing to the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer.

Download the Permit to Burn Application Form (631kb)

Permit conditions

In the event that a permit is issued, conditions apply and the applicant must adhere to these conditions. Conditions are directed under a number of acts, the City of Casey Community Local Law No. 2/2010 and the assessment of the authorised officer and include, but are not limited to:

1. This permit is not valid on a day of total fire ban, and declared smog alert day and any Sunday.

2. Material to be burnt in area/s designated by Municipal Fire Prevention Officer of authorised officer.

3. Burning off only to take place between the hours of 6am and 6pm.

4. Prior to burning-off, a fire break must be prepared around the perimeter of the area that is planned to be burned. This fire break must have a radius of at least 3 meters (cleared of all flammable material) that is around and above the area where the material will be burned. -

5. At least two hours before burning is commenced, notice of intention to burn must be given to each owner or occupier of land contiguous to the area of land.

6. Adult person to be in attendance during the entire burn.

7. Means of extinguished (hose/water) to be readily available on site.

8. Fire to be extinguished prior to leaving site.

9. Vic Fire to be advised prior to commencement of burn on Ph: 1800 668 511.

10. Wind velocity is not to exceed 15kph.

11. All conditions of Local Law 2/2010 to apply.

12. This permit to burn does not absolve the owner or occupier of their responsibilities under all legislation, Acts, Regulations and Planning Schemes.

13. All relevant permits including planning permits must be obtained prior to acting upon this permit to burn.

14.This Permit to Burn will become null and void on the commencement and announcement of the declared Country Fire Authority (CFA) fire restriction period by the CFA.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder to keep informed of the commencement of the declared fire season by contacting the CFA or viewing the CFA Website.

15.Permit must be produced upon request by any authorised officer defined within Local Law 2/2010 and / or a member of a fire brigade as defined within the Country Fire Authority Act 1958.

16. Other conditions/s that apply to this permit.

Further information

For more information on applying for a permit to burn, please contact the City of Casey’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officer or you can visit the CFA website relating to permits.