Abandoned vehicles

Local Government Act 1989 empowers Councils to remove and impound any vehicle that is unregistered or abandoned within its municipal boundary.

Local Laws Officers may place an ‘Abandoned Vehicle Notification’ on any vehicle it considers to be;

  • Unregistered
  • Abandoned

The notice informs that Council intends to impound the vehicle and that the vehicle should be removed from the road by the owner/user.

Dependent upon the given situation a vehicle may remain in the same position for a period of 2 or more months in line with the requirements of the Local Government Act.

Impounded vehicles are released back to the owner (after proof of ownership supplied) upon payment of a fee set by Council and a daily storage fee.

If the vehicle is not claimed within 14 days from the date of impoundment Council will either sell, destroy or give away the vehicle (and anything in, on or attached to the vehicle).

For more information please contact the City of Casey Local Laws Team.