Infringement Notices

Council has a strong focus on enhancing the health, wellbeing and safety of our residents and visitors within the municipality and is committed to being fair and transparent on key issues within the Community.  Local Laws, Planning, Environmental and Health officers issue infringement notices to ensure compliance with both local and state legislation, including the Infringements Act 2006.

Infringement Review

In accordance with the Infringements Act 2006 you have a right to request a review of an infringement notice, it is important to note that you are entitled to only one review of an infringement.

Infringement Review requests must be made in writing. Please complete the Infringement Review form provided below.

Infringement review application form (151kb)

Circumstances we will consider

  • The infringement notice was issued contrary to law (you believe you did not commit an offence).
  • ‘Exceptional circumstances’ (verifiable and unforeseen circumstances outside of your control) could excuse the conduct for which the infringement notice was issued. For example: A medical emergency an injury/illness posing an immediate risk to a person’s life of long-term health. This does not include general appointments at the hospital, doctors, dentist etc
  • A vehicle breakdown (evidence to be provided)
  • Special Circumstances - Family Violence

Circumstances we won’t consider

  • Appointments or meetings running overtime
  • Not noticing or misreading a parking sign
  • Running out of petrol, or experiencing vehicle issues that did not require repair/towing
  • Poor visibility due to weather
  • Not noticing that a sign/restriction had changed
  • I only stopped to let my passenger out. I only stopped for a short period of time
  • I only left my vehicle to get my passengers or retrieve the goods
  • I wanted to drop my children off as close to the gate as possible
  • Parked in a permit zone by mistake
  • Failing to display a permit
  • It is my driveway and I am not obstructing anyone
  • I always park on the naturestrip for safety because the road is busy
  • Disabled parking – I hold a green on white permit, but there were only blue on white parks available

Information you need to provide

  • Complete the Infringement Review Application Form
  • Your current address and Infringement No
  • Grounds on which you consider the infringement should be reviewed
  • Any evidence to support your claim

Review outcome/decision

  • Infringements are placed on hold once an application for review has been received
  • Our Governance team will endeavour to advise of outcome within 2 weeks however legislation allows for 90 days
  • You will be notified in writing of the outcome, no further correspondence will be entered into  

Further information relating to the payment of infringements, including extension of time and payment plan options can be found at the other infringements and parking infringement payment pages. 

Having the matter heard at Court

If you wish to have the matter heard in the Magistrate’s Court, you need to notify the City of Casey in writing. Please note that additional costs may be incurred if the matter is referred to Court.

Payments Plans and Extension of time for Infringements

Extension of Time to Pay

An extension of time to pay for Infringements under $100 can be extended by one month only. This arrangement can be made over the phone by contacting the City of Casey on 9705 5200. 

Payment Plans

Council offers a Payment Plan for Infringements over $100. To apply for this arrangement you must complete the Application for Infringement Payment Plan form listed below.  The payment terms, upon approval, will be minimum amount of $40 per fortnight (proof of hardship is required for lesser payment terms); you will be notified in writing of the outcome of this application.

Payment plan application form (247kb)