Planning for Health & Wellbeing in Casey

The City of Casey's Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-2017 (MPHWP) provides direction on the strategic priority health and wellbeing areas Council will focus on, in partnership with key stakeholders in the municipality, to improve the health and wellbeing of the Casey population and to reduce health inequality.

The Plan has ten health and wellbeing priorities listed below. These are the main themes for attention by Council across Departments and with external partners. Many of these priorities are inter-connected for example: transport, housing and community connectedness are all issues for young people.

Partnership action areas exist under each priority. The Plan recognises that effectively addressing each complex health and wellbeing issue goes beyond the capacity of any one organisation. Therefore, the Plan aims to work with partners wherever possible, to achieve large scale change.

Health and wellbeing priorities

  1. Active Living

  2. A Safe Community

  3. A Socially Connected Community

  4. A Sustainable Environment

  5. Early Childhood and Youth Development

  6. Food Security

  7. Healthy Design

  8. Diverse and Affordable Housing

  9. Economic Wellbeing

  10. Transport Infrastructure