Family Violence Prevention

Promoting Peace in Families was a 3 year project that was funded by the National Community Crime Prevention Program.

Promoting Peace in Families Model Package

The Promoting Peace in Families project is a family violence prevention initiative that was funded by the Federal Attorney General’s Department from 2007-2009. It was managed as a partnership between the City of Casey, as the lead agency, the Cardinia Casey Community Health Service and the Casey Pastors network.

The Promoting Peace in Families model package has been developed as a good practice model following implementation and refinement of the process used in the Promoting Peace in Families Project in the City of Casey. It has been developed to support faith communities to become actively involved in the prevention of family violence, particularly in relation to violence against women and children, in the community.

Download the Promoting Peace in Families Package (475kb) for more information.

Challenge Family Violence

Challenge Family Violence is a 3 year partnership project targeting the municipalities of Casey, Cardinia, and Greater Dandenong and is funded by the Department of Justice. Modelled on the principles of the White Ribbon campaign, it will involve local men experienced in family violence prevention to become mentors to prominent influential male community leaders from various settings. Community leaders will be trained and supported by the mentors to challenge attitudes and sexist behaviours, promote respect and non-violence towards women and children, develop and implement a broad social marketing campaign including an Accord, and white ribbon events.

The Key Messages document provides information about factors that contribute to domestic violence and ways to prevent it.

Download the Key Messages (472kb) document for more information.

A checklist of key principles for men working to prevent violence has been developed and can be used to guide the work of men in preventing violence against women and by organisations engaging men as allies in violence prevention work.

Download the Checklist for working with men (255kb) for more information.

For further information please contact the Community Safety Team on 9705 5200.