School safety

Children’s Crossing Safety Tips

Parents need to remember:

  • Slow down
  • Always be alert when driving
  • Drop children off earlier ( 8.45 am) rather then later - it eases congestion and gives kids time to play before school
  • Many car trips are less then one kilometre from home – why not walk, great exercise!
  • On wet days, drive with your headlights on, bring a raincoat, an umbrella and be prepared to walk further than usual.
  • Always observe parking signs and road rule regulation. Why not park and walk to the school gate to pick up or deliver your child.
  • Have the children use the car door on the footpath side. Commonsense.
  • Always use the children’s crossing when it is in operation and never ever call your child across the road!
  • Two and Five minutes parking means just that!

If you follow these commonsense tips and do the right thing around schools, this should create better traffic flow and a much safer environment.

Also remember that children will follow your example, "If you do it, then they will!"

For further information regarding school safety, please contact the School Crossing Coordinator.