School crossing supervisors

School Crossing Unit

The City of Casey currently has 220 dedicated school crossing supervisors who brave all sorts of weather to assist pedestrians of all ages.

School Crossing Supervisors

The operational school crossings in Casey are staffed by permanent part-time and relief school crossing supervisors.

These school crossings are located at some intersections, pedestrian light crossings and at flagged children's crossings.

Hours of Operation

School crossing supervisors work up to 1 hour in the morning and afternoons between 8am - 9:15am and 2:35pm - 4pm in and around schools within the City of Casey.

For occupational health and safety of school crossing supervisors, the City of Casey does not staff school crossings before 2.30 pm. 

Mascot Lottie the Lollypop Lady

The Crossing Mascot is Lottie, the Lollypop Lady, she is here to educate primary school students on school crossing safety and being safe on our roads around schools.

If you would like Lottie to visit your school please contact the City of Casey for costs and availability.

Safety Around Schools

Children are vulnerable road users and are at higher risk in traffic because of their size and inability to judge speed and distance.

School zones are often chaotic during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times and children are sometimes put at risk.

When in school zones, please observe the following guidelines to reduce risk to children:

  • DO NOT park in bus zones, no stopping areas, on footpaths or over driveways.
  • NEVER double park. This reduces driver visibility, causes congestion and puts children at risk.
  • NEVER call your child across the road.
  • ALWAYS encourage your child to enter and exit the car from the kerb.
  • BE PATIENT - observe the directions of the School Crossing Supervisor.
  • REMEMBER children are full of surprises! Expect the unexpected.
  • ALWAYS drive at or below 40km/h.

By following the rules around school zones we can work together to ensure the safety of our children.

Applying for a Relief School Crossing Supervision Position

How do I become a School Crossing Supervisor?

An exciting opportunity exists within the School Crossings Unit for motivated relief school crossing supervisors.

Successful applicants will be responsible for the supervision of school crossings within the Casey municipality, and will possess:

  • Good communication skills
  • English Language skills (reading and writing) 
  • Good Interpersonal skills 
  • Experience working with children or the general public 
  • The ability to follow road safety procedures and laws 
  • Be available to staff school crossings in Casey (sometimes at short notice)

Applicants will need to meet the physical requirements of the position by passing Council’s pre-employment medical and basic fitness examination as well as undergoing a Working with Children Check (WWCC).

Under the Working with Children Act 2005, all school crossing supervisors must have a WWCC. Obtaining a Working with Children Check will be arranged by Council if you are successful. Applications can take up to 6 weeks to be processed by the Department of Justice.

The School Crossings Unit operates within the Community Safety Department of the City of Casey. This Unit is located at the Casey Road Safety Village and manages the supervision of all school crossing sites throughout the City of Casey. Crossings are supervised daily in the morning for up to 1 hour for the morning and afternoon to assist students and families to travel safely to and from school.

To apply to become a crossing supervisor, visit the Employment webpage.