Immunisation Schedule

Council provides a free comprehensive immunisation program delivered by registered nurses according to the National Immunisation Schedule to people who reside in Australia and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Hold a Medicare card or be eligible to hold a Medicare card
  • Asylum seekers
  • Hold a permanent visa or have applied for a permanent visa

Before attending an immunisation session, please ensure you/your child is up to date with the vaccination schedule. Contact Council on 9705 5200 or your doctor to check.

Sessions for children are conducted at a range of venues each month, excluding public holidays. Parents should give informed consent and discuss with a Maternal and Child Health Nurse before proceeding with an immunisation.

Immunisation Schedule 2018

What to expect at an immunisation session


Parent/guardian consent is legally required before immunising children under 18.

For infants, children and adolescents attending a Council immunisation session, consent cards are provided for parents/guardians to complete on the day with the help of the immunisation staff.

Secondary school students will receive a consent form at school, to be signed by their parent/guardian. It is important that you read the information, complete the consent form and return the card back to the school quickly.

Adolescent Immunisation Program

Adolescents are mostly vaccinated through secondary school-based programs conducted by local council immunisation services. Some individual circumstances mean adolescents may attend their GP for vaccines.

Assessing the eligibility of adolescents for free vaccine in community-based settings has been simplified. They will now be assessed according to their age rather than their school year level.  The following table shows the program timeframes and eligibility criteria for different vaccines according to whether they are administered in a community-based or a school based setting.

 Vaccine brand

 Community setting - age eligibility

 School-based setting - school year eligibility

 Program timeframe


 12-13 years

 Year 7



 12-13 years   

 Year 7

 Ends 2017


 12-16 years

 Year 7, 8, 9 and 10

 Ends 2015


 12-13 years

 Year 7 

 Begins 2016 

For more detailed information regarding the school-based vaccines, please refer to the Department of Health Immunisation website.

If your child is not at school or misses their vaccination on the scheduled day, please contact the City of Casey to arrange for your child to be vaccinated.

Session Venues

For information on how to get to your nominated session, please refer to the below:

Vaccinate Short Film - Vaccinate before it's too late

A competition was held in Casey calling upon young people to submit a short film which creatively showcased the topic of adolescent vaccination and why it's important for you people's health, and the broader health of the community.

View the Vaccinate Short Film Competition winner.

Further Information regarding the Immunisation Program

For information about immunisation, please call Council's Environmental Health Unit on 9705 5200, visit frequently asked questions or talk to your Maternal and Child Health Nurse. Alternatively you can contact the Department of Health, Immunisation Program on 1300 882 008.

Further information may be obtained from the following websites:

Please note: Council does not provide adult vaccinations, please consult your General Practitioner for adult vaccinations.